Beauty: Secrets for Summer Proof Makeup

Secret to Summer Makeup

What’s with the heat waves in New York!? It’s not just hot, the humidity makes it even more unbearable.  It is hard enough to stay cool as I run around the city, let alone prevent the makeup from melting off my face. After trials of error, I’ve learned that no matter what the labels may claim, not all makeup is made for year-round use. Just like you swap out your boots for sandals and jeans for maxi skirts, so must your beauty bag get a seasonal overhaul come summer.

This is not glamourous, but warm weather usually means major sweating, which means it’s time to go for creams and waterproof formulas instead of the good ol’ powders. It’s the only way to get a truly flawless look with no streaks, smudges, or smears.  Don’t get me wrong, powder makeups are awesome, but just for summertime making some small formula changes can make big differences — just think no mid-day makeup meltdown… need I say more? Here are some of the key items I use to create the summer proof makeup:

  • Primer — No matter what foundation, concealer, or how many layers are going on your face, nothing is more essential in summertime than primer. It makes everything stay put for hours and can prevent the face from looking too shiny. Basically, it is the glue that holds everything together. Plus, for those of you who like to skip steps, most primers come with SPF and anti-aging ingredients too. I’m currently using Nars Light Optimizing Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15, it is oil free and feels really light on my skin, it gives skin a subtle glow, too!

Secret to Summer MakeUp

  • Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream — The last thing I want in summer (or in any weather) is to slather on a thick formula. I like to use a light tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead, it blends right into my skin and still camouflaging the flaws I want to hide — as some people called “even out the skin tone” .  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20  is always my go-to, it gives just enough coverage, and it doesn’t feel sticky on my face. I also have been using the BB cream from Kiko I got from Europe, it’s also light and has a matte finish on the skin.

Secret to Summer Makeup

  • Waterproof Mascara and Liner — One of the first things you should do to prep for summer is swap out your mascara and liner for a waterproof alternative. Luckily most brands have just that, so you won’t even have to abandon your beloved favorite. Or if you absolutely can’t go without your go-to mascara, swipe one to two coats of a water-proof one over the original to seal it. Also, to be safe I recommend keeping the liner on the top lid only (to skip the dreaded under eye smear) and be careful putting mascara on bottom lashes as that could also create dark circles. Try Dior Show Waterproof Mascara and Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes.

Secrets to summer Makeup

  • Cheek Tint — Powder blush tends to crumble and fade in the battle against oil and sweat. A cheek tint acts as more of a stain so the flush seems to come from within in a natural flattering way. I use Tarte Cheek Stain, it’s a gel base formula, so it doesn’t feel greasy on the face at all!

Secret to Summer Makeup

  • Cream shadow — Just like blush, try to avoid powders in hot weather. There are tons of cream shadows that are not only creaseless but also waterproof too. I just started with a new set of Make Up Forever Aqua Cream, the texture is very smooth and has a little pearl essence. For more playful occasions it’s very good for layering, too.

Secret to Summer Makeup

So there you go, these are my secrets to summer proof makeup!  I really prefer NOT to wear makeup in hot weather, but if I really need to look presentable, these have been working pretty well for me.  Stay cool and Stay stylish!