Fashion: Can’t Stop for Crop Tops

Can't stop for crop tops

The crop top trend is in full swing. The midriff baring is one of the favorite summer staples and there are seemingly infinite ways to wear it. I remember as I kid, seeing my best friend’s older sister wearing cute little crop top after school and think that she’s the most fashionable person ever and I can’t wait to try one on so I can look like her. And how time flies, the trend has gone and came back in fashion again…. Isn’t that just fabulous?


Recently I have realized that crop tops are the fashion equivalent of learning how to drive: it’s scary at first but with a little practice, you’ll feel confident enough to try it on your own. Once I figured out how to pair them to create the right look in real life…(instead of look to celebs like Diane Kruger or other models on the runway with enviable toned tommy)….crop tops can be wearable AND flattering too for daily life. Here are some hints and tips I gathered:

1). Pair the crop top with a high wasted bottom, it doesn’t have to be so high that covers your belly button, but it should be petty close to it. It creates a good balance with the shorter top and gives a 50’s and 60’s vintage look!



crop top

2).  I don’t usually suggest wearing crop tops for work occasions, but if you’re work place encourages fashionable outfits, dress up the crop top with high-waisted trousers or a flare skirt. Opt for a long-sleeved crop top for more coverage, and try to avoid boxy shapes to balance with your dressy bottom.

Crop Top with Dress Pants/skirts



3). Don’t own a crop top? No problem! Just knot the front of a cotton tee or a button-down shirt and pair it with a high-waisted skirt for a night out with friends.

Tied up Crop Top


4).  One of my favorite ways to wear crop tops: a simple boxy tee with boyish cargo pants or boyfriend jeans and heels, it’s effortless and very sexy. I saw this combo on a blog once and I’m instantly in love with the look. It can easily be my go-to outfit if I need to run errands in the city on a hot summer day.

kmc12 copy

5). If all the tips above are still not convincing enough for you to try crop tops, this one is for you…. Simply pair a crop top with a blazer or a coat over it. It provides a good coverage for the midriff but still maintain a good balance between fun and sexiness.

Crop Top with over coat


Crop Top with over coat

Hope these tips get you excited to catch up this trend, too! As long as you pair them right, even if your belly is not as flat as all the runway models, you can look hot and sexy in crop tops too!





(Picture Source: Nasty gal, Karla’s Closet, )