Fashion: What a “Ear” In Punk!

A Ear in Punk

I still remember the first time I study abroad after high school. When my mom saw me off at the airport, she told me to study hard but have fun, too… just don’t come back all with any crazy piercings and tattoos. It didn’t take me long to meet some cool kids and caught up on the punk culture, I went home with multiple piercings all around the ears, both sides. It wasn’t pretty when my mom found out about it, but I was seriously very proud of my punk-out style!

And what do you know…. punk culture is back in fashion, and it comes back STRONG.  With the Met’s Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit this past summer, punk is the word on every style insider’s lips right now.  Besides leather outfits, jewelry and accessories is probably the easiest way to express the punk look…. skull necklaces, knuckle rings, these are just a few of the stables, but the best among the bunch are earrings!!! Oh the power of earrings!! If you think you don’t have multiple piercings to pull off the look, you’re wrong. This season a lot of designers came out with the coolest punk style that doesn’t require any new piercings on the ears but still give the same edgy effect.  Get ready to get a earful of accessories this season!!

Punk Earring

Pamela Love, Eagle Claw Earrings,: I want everything Pamela Love and these guys are no exception. The little nub sits on top of the earlobe, while the dangling claw curves down behind. How gorgeous would these look with hair pulled back and minimal makeup?

Safety Pin earrings

Genevieve Jones, Harvest Moon Safety Pin Earrings:: These tiny safety pins hug earlobes and actually look very delicate and subtle. These are absolutely my new obsessions. and I love it when people realize my earrings are actually safety pins.

Punk Earrings

Noir Jewelry Talon Earrings:  These give you the perfect punk look without messing your earlobes!! And they are yet simple enough to g with any casual outfits without being too edgy!!  Looks especially good if you have short hair!


Psyche Jewelry Brass Ear Cuff With a Gold Fill Chain: These asymmetrical earrings are the perfect balance of badass and feminine. The chain also gives an unexpected movement to the look. Need!


A Peace Treaty Spiked Gold-Plate Ear Ornament: These are definitely my new favorite… an ear ornament that hooks over the ears with the double end spikes!! No other accessory needed, this will definitely help you release your rebellious side no matter what you’re wearing.

Are you down with aggressive adornment?