Fashion: New York Fashion Week SS2014- Reliving the 90’s

Reliving the 90's

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 is officially over…(and now London Fashion week starts)… It feels abnormally quiet in town today, maybe it’s because the whole city is taking a break from a full week of runways shows and after parties.  I was too busy and didn’t attend the shows at Lincoln Center this season, but still stay pretty tight with the trends that are happening on the runways. I’m not too surprised to see that 90’s fashion is one of the main element in many designers’ shows. From Rodarte to DKNY to Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, models in crop-tops, faux-flannel plaids, overalls and logo-gear dominated the Spring 2014 runways.  How that gives me some flash-backs of memories… I hate to admit that I am actually old enough to remember AND actually participating 90’s fashion!  Here’s a list of key elements that proves that 90’s is coming back in full force:

Faux-Flannel Plaid

Made popular by Nirvana and the Seattle grunge scene, flannel shirts in the ‘90s were the bomb no matter how you rocked it: some tied the shirt around the waist, left it unbuttoned over rock ‘n roll tees, or belt it with an acid-wash jeans. This year, designers were mad for the faux-flannel plaid print and it showed up on everything from skirts to sweatshirts to pants and jackets. Can’t you totally see Cher Horowitz in Tadashi Shoji’s matching plaid separates? All it needs is a good pair of knee-high socks (and a considerably shorter hemline).

Tadashi Shoji, Rodarte, and Costello Tagliapietra SS2014

Tadashi Shoji, Rodarte, and Costello Tagliapietra SS2014


Remember how in the 90’s everyone had a brand splashed across your chest? Logo gear was especially popular within the hip-hop community (think Phat Farm, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger) and became an instant indication of status. Well, now that label recognition has reached Jay Z song title levels (“Tom Ford”) designers like DKNY, Alexander Wang and Hood By Air used this season’s runway to get some recognition as well!


DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Hood By Air at SS2014

DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Hood By Air at SS2014


In the 1990s, EVERYBODY wore overalls. I still remember them as one of the cool after-school outfits … and if anyone went with the single-strap look, totally double score!! In Spring 2014 runways, the new overalls’ appear more fitted and come with more non-denim options, and (I’m glad to say) less of those DIY paint splashes or iron-on patches.


DKNY Women's, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, and Rag & Bone at SS2014

DKNY Women’s, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, and Rag & Bone at SS2014


Remember the days when baring your belly button almost instantly gained you sex-symbol status? I can’t really say I experience that because I went to an all girl school, but I know that it was really a big deal! Glad that times have changes, this taut tummy trend is more acceptable and has a classier appeal (than just sex appeal) this time around according to the Spring 2014 runways. It is actually the hottest (and most obvious) trend this week; I don’t think I can name a designer who didn’t show at least one crop-top this season, if not a whole collection that revolved around them. I guess I don’t really need dessert after dinner today… Still gotta keep the abs in check for a couple more seasons!


Adeam, Suno, and DKNY Women's at SS2014

Adeam, Suno, and DKNY Women’s at SS2014

I can’t wait to see if London Fashion Week would have a glimpse of the same decades on the runways as well! I don’t know if I had enough of 80’s fashion, but welcome back, 90’s!!