Travel: When in Rome– Palazzo del Freddo


I have been to Rome a couple of times …. Every time I stepped out the plane in Rome, I instantly feel a little more cultured, a little more romantic, and a lot more passionate. It is one of those historical cities that still reserves all the  treasures from the past, adapts a twist of modern fashion, but never loses it tradition ancient spirit.

One of the editors at work just went to Rome for a business trip (jealous!!). When she got back she was telling me about a couple traditional AND historical places that I didn’t get to visit when I was there. (Did I mention that I was jealous?)… I guess now she just left me with no choice but make a trip to Rome again….

I wasn’t surprised to find out that one of the holly amazing places she was telling me about is an ancient gelato shop. For those who don’t speak Italian, “gelato” is one of the first few words you want to learn if you’re visiting Italy. Gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream”, maybe it’s the language, or maybe Italians do know how to make frozen treats better, the gelatos in Italy are just incredibly irresistible.  Gelato stands can been seen on every corner in Italy, they are so popular that they open later than all the other places in town. In general, all stores open till 6 or 7 in the evening and close on Sunday. Gelato stands are on a complete different schedule, even if you’re out pass midnight, you can still see the big gelato neon signs beaming down the dark alleys, AND they open seven days a week.


Among all the gelato places, Palazzo del Freddo is the one that can not be missed. Palazzo del Freddo is located right around the central station Termini, it has been serving the Romans since 1880. You can’t miss it if you walk by the store—the crowd of loyal customers with their gelatos in hand always gives it away. If you walk pass the crowd, the colorful assortments of the gelatos will win you over in a heartbeat, no doubt. If you’re not too busy checking out the flavors they have, take a look behind the counter, the introduction and display of the stories behind the brand is will take you through the history of the family, and how the gelato are made– t’ll make you think that you’re in an ice-cream museum.


When it comes to choosing flavors, pistachio is always to go-to flavors if you want to know the quality of the gelato, (besides the fact that they are one of the best flavors in the world). I learned it from a local friend last time I visited, pistachio is one of the standard (and post popular) flavors in Italy. In most cases, pistachio is the flavor that gives away the quality of the store—If the pistachio flavor has a soft and brownish green color, that means it is made with real pistachio and it would taste just like a pistachio fresh off the shell. But if it is a bright vibrant green, that means it is made with food coloring and artificial flavors, it is an index that the gelatos there are not the highest in quality….still delicious maybe, but won’t be the best.


And of course, the pistachio flavor at Palazzo del Freddo is soft in green with earthy brown tone underneath– it can’t get more legit than that! Double scopes it is!  Gelatos is like the national food of Italy, even if you’re getting them from the best place in town, the prices are always reasonable (usually no more than two euros for a very generous portion)…. And thank goodness it reasonably affordable, they are mighty addictive and you’ll want to come back for more!! Enjoy as many scopes as you want if you have a chance to visit Rome, dieting is not an option in gelatoville.


Palazzo del Freddo

Address: Via Principe Eugenio, 65 00185 Roma, Italy