Beauty: Follow Your Nose—Fine Fragrances for Fall 2013

Fragrance Colletion

Fall is a time of transitions. Iced coffee to spiced chai, bright lips to bordeaux, ankle boots to taller boots–it’s just a whole new us. I have been slowly shifting my daily makeup from summer to fall, and now I am also making the transformation on my fragrances. Scent to me is one of the main trigger to create emotions and memories, there’s nothing better than a new perfume to get us into that autumn mood.

Fall fragrances are typically a little heavier and woodsier, a welcome change from the light florals and citruses we go for when it’s too hot to wear anything weighty, clothes or otherwise. It’s bippity boppity boo magical: with just one whiff of a fresh fragrance, we turn from a sweaty mess into the glossy-haired, camel coat-wearing women of our September issue dreams (basically). Regardless, here are some exciting new contenders for our favorite fall perfumes. Not quite a genie in a bottle, but close enough.

1)    Calvin klein Downtown

This is Calvin Klein’s newest fragrance, made headlines months ago when the brand named Rooney Mara its face. The scent is described as a “floral-wood” with notes of neroli, gardenia, and cedarwood. The pretty pink bottle doesn’t translate “downtown” to me, but it sure has the right scent to take me from short sleeves to sweaters.

Calvin Klein DownTown

2)    Estee Lauder Modern Muse

This is the brand’s first new scent in ten years, it is a blend of rich florals and sleek woods. In other words, the white floral mix—jasmine, tuberose, and lily—balanced with patchouli and vanilla, gives a sweet start then linger into the muskiness—it is just the perfect balance!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse

3)    Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud

Stop stealing your boyfriend’s cologne and go buy Dolce & Gabbana’s new Velvet Desert Oud  instead. The rich woody scent smells like a sexy campfire with sweet undertones. Even though this officially came out in July (or at least the samples came out), this is a very Fall fragrance!

Dolce & Gabbana

4)    Carven Le Parfum

According to designer Guillaume Henry, Carven Le Parfum began with a question: “If Carven fashion were a smell, what would it be?” The answer is an eau that evokes, he says, “a just-picked bouquet.” The quirky house’s new “couture scent” is described as fresh, simple and charming, all of which fit their girl to a T. This fragrance is so popular that at Saks Fifth Avenue customers can’t order more than six units per month. That’s a lot of perfume, but still….I need one.

Carven Le Parfum

5)    Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie

This heady rose scent is almost intoxicating. Armani said he wanted to “capture the hedonism of the Orient” with this fragrance. Inspired by the legendary tales of The Thousand and One Nights, the designer says he wanted a fragrance that resonated “like a desert melody”—one that could provide “the same enveloping texture and refinement as gold silk brocade”. If you take a whiff of this fragrance, you’ll notice right away–  it’s incredibly sensual with just the right hint of sweetness.


6)   Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone’s always been popular for his sophisticated, restrained fragrances. In this new fragrance, It is the suede that gives it the perfect Fall touch. With the rose, jasmine, and red apple juice, it strikes the perfect balance to take you through the last days of summer and on into fall without missing a beat.

Jo Malone

7)    Hanae Mori “Eau de Collection N° 8”

Ahh, how Manae Mori’s scents bring back memories, this is one of the very first fragrance collections I bought for myself. Mori’s new scent is the “grand finale of the Eau de Collection series,” with a spotlight on Kyoto cherry blossom, plum nectar and passion flower. The blend of “East meets West” is one of the trending concept of the moment, and I’ve never met a cherry blossom I like this much, I will be getting this one for sure to finish my very first collection.

Hanae Mori

8)    Bulgari Omnia Cyrstalline Eau de Parfum

This is Bulgari’s update on its best-selling fragrance for the first time in ten years. According to the creater Alberto Morillas, this update makes the fragrance more “rich, luxurious, and dressed up.” Notes of mandarin, lotus flower, sandalwood, and musk make it a fresh, easy-to-wear scent.


As much as these fragrances are all amazing and (oddly) comfortably addictive… (believe me, I’m obsessed every single one of them)…. don’t overspray and drown in the perfumes, it’s just a waste and you won’t smell any better then just wearing a few sprits. Also, don’t forget to get out of the city and take a good whiff of the actual fall air, nothing compares to the scent of nature in this season!!