Beauty: Korean Cosmetics- America’s New Asian Obsession

Korean Beauty

I remember the last time I was in Taiwan, I started to see some Korean beauty products being sold in trendy boutiques stores and major shopping centers. I wasn’t too surprised since Korean TV shows and pop music was becoming popular at the same time in Asian countries, and still, designer brands from the U.S and Europe are far more popular and are still dominating the market. But before I had a chance to catch up on that, the table has turned…. With the world’s biggest obsession with plastic surgery and some of the fastest-evolving beauty technology, spas and cosmetic lines in the world, South Korea is the new rising star in the beauty industry. Even at the international trade show Makeup in New York this year, Korean suppliers have taken over a good chunk of attention from the usual main players like Alkos, Intercos from Europe.

Obviously, Korea’s strength in cosmetics didn’t happen overnight. Come to think of it, all the Korean girls I’ve ever seen do always wear the most precise makeup with the perfectly prepped skin, it is part of their culture for girls to perfect their makeups before they leave the house, it is part of the beauty standard to have glowing illuminated skin, carefully lined eyes, dewy cheeks and vibrant kissable lips. If anyone is not born that way (which means nobody, pretty much), it is important to use makeup to correct your features till it fits the standard. And you wonder why they have perfectly developed cosmetic products?


Since we don’t have a good selection of Korean beauty brands in the United States (yet, I hope) besides Amore Pacific, I consulted my beauty partner-in-crime and narrow down to two beauty brands that we should get our hands on first!

1. Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner by 3 Concept Eyes

These eyeliners are known for their soft creamy texture. The color goes on smoothly with a solid opaque effect, when it settles, it is water resistant and stays on put all day. If you don’t look close enough, you’d think this is just another old fashion pencil, but it is actually twist-out pencil, AND,  it has a mini sharpener build in right in at the front, so it sharpens as you twist it out, how freaking brilliant!!



2. Fresh Aqua Mist by 3 Concept Eyes

Most Korean cosmetic brands have a mist/spray product along their color cosmetics. It is used to re-moisturize the face during the day. It is designed to spray over fully-done makeup; it will rejuvenate your skin without messing up the makeup. Give it a spray whenever your skin is feeling a little tight, it is probably the most convenient way to keep the skin hydrated, especially for those who travel a lot or sit in the air-conditioned office for long hours.  I guess that’s how Korean girls keep their skin all dewy and supple.



3. Artclass Blusher by Too Cool For School

Korean girls are all about high pigment lip and cheek colors. This is the perfect product to achieve that look. Besides the super cute paint-tube packaging, this blush is made with a cream-to-power formula, it takes just a little dollop to create the right amount of color pigment on the cheeks. The texture is light with a matte finish, super easy to spread with the tip of your fingers, no tools or special skills needed, which makes this a perfect on-the-go piece in the makeup bag.


4. Rules of pore get ready dual primer by Too Cool For School

This is not just one of the super-star products of the brand, it is also one of those magical two-in-one designs that we can’t get enough of. The first part of the product is the gel-like primer in the cap, and the second part is the thicker textured pore-minimizer cream. After your daily moisturizing routine, apply a layer of the primer on the skin, and then follow with the pore minimizer around the oily t-zone. This dual product is said to help keep the oil in control so the makeup will last longer without caking.


There you go… 3 Concept Eyes and Too Cool For Schools—the two brands that we are obsessed with and they are introducing us to Korean cosmetics. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg here… maybe it’s time to make a trip out to Korea to scoop out more products and introduce them to the U.S market, they are the real deal!!