New York: Scavenger Hunt with Street Art Master- Banksy

A Broken Heart in Red Hook Brooklyn

A Broken Heart in Red Hook Brooklyn

If you live in New York City, be sure to smile as you wander the streets during the month of October. There’s a good chance you’re part of an elaborate art installation by the elusive British artist, Banksy.

I am always fascinated by street arts—to me, street arts are not just some beautiful creations done by talented artists, they are also about giving a touch of the urbaneness, blending in the character of the city, adding in a little humor, and maybe underline with a hidden message. Banksy, one of the world’s best known artist, is taking this to another level, he not only displays his art on publicly visible surfaces such as walls done in a distinctive stencilling technique, he sometimes even build physical prop pieces along with the paintings, and most importantly, they usually come with some sort of political messages.


Banksy’s tribute to 9-11.

Earlier this month Banksy announced that he was making the entire city into an art gallery for a show titled, “Better Out Than In.” ,” (after Paul Cézanne’s pronouncement that “all pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside.”)  While the collection is largely typical of the artist’s whimsical tongue-in-cheek work, there is one thing different about his latest creations: Banksy is sharing them on the social Web.

Making everything a musical in New York!

Making everything a musical in New York!

It is October 18th today, I haven’t had a chance to have a personal encounter of any of Banksy’s art work. Since his stencils and graffiti epigrams are popping up across the city, it has been sort of a scavenger hunt for all the admirers including me. And as much as New York City welcomes all cultures (and non-senses) with a open heart, Banksy’s artworks are not receiving the best welcome from the city government. His first piece, a stencil of a street urchin reaching for a can of spray paint on a sign reading “Graffiti Is a Crime,” was defaced within hours and painted over the next day. It wasn’t the first time a Banksy original met a cruel, indifferent fate, but the pace of alteration was unusually rapid.


Banksy's Geishas on the Bridge was taken down the next day :(

Banksy’s Geishas on the Bridge was taken down the next day!

I accidently (or maybe after a very careful search) found this Banksy New York Map….  For those who want to try to catch the master pieces before they’re destroyed or covered up (sadly most of them are), this is amazingly helpful. Here’s another link for a very detailed Banksy New York Map, It includes addresses, pictures, and links to further information about what’s been popping up around out city.

Bansky- Map

Banksy’s one month residency in New York City in October 2013 has the city buzzing. He pranked New Yorker with his art stall in Central Park last week, who knows what else he’s going to bring us before he leaves. I’d say just keep our eyes open, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be lucky enough to capture a piece of Banksy for once!!  If not, he is keeping a blog of his work on his website, which also offers audio recording with some of his creation as well,  it is definitely worth checking it out. iIf you’re not familiar with Banksy, try the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, you’ll find out why we are so obsessed with him!