New York: Fall in Full Force- 50 Shades of Orange

Orange 9

I was in the Finger Lakes area for a couple of days and had to fly back to New York City this morning. It was a perfect day, the sky was clear and the view of the lakes from who knows how high we were at that point, was just breathtaking. As we approached Manhattan, I was mesmerized by the view of Manhattan from above! The fall foliage has painted the whole city orange, all shades of orange, and maybe just a bit red and yellow here and there…. The colors are so vibrant and full of energy, even though the air is cold and crisp; the orange color gives this Fall weather a warm cozy touch.  It’s should be pretty obvious, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, orange pretty much is the official color of the season before everything gets covered in snow and turn into a white wonderland.

It doesn’t really matter what shade of orange it is, it is a color that is earthy, distinctive, and guides my memories straight to fall season…. I can almost smell the warm scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie or gooey candied yam with cinnamon syrup just from the sight of the color orange. Isn’t funny how color can trigger the sense of smell too!?  Here are some of the different shades of orange that has been catching my attention in the city…

1). Orange is the new black….

I love how New Yorkers will always dress to the occasion,.. or at least dress to the season. As much as black is the post popular color in New York, it’s not hard to see fashionistas on the street with a little orange in their outfit, or in some case, a full blown orange dress. It’s not the easiest color to wear, but when people wear it well, it gives they city such a happy boost with some festive season spirit!

Orange 11

Pretty New Yorker with an orange dress.

Orange coat brighten up the street.

Orange coat brighten up the street.

2). Orange sets the park on fire….

Fall is my favorite season, and I am a sucker for the fall foliage. Every year during this season,  I would try to make a trip with some friends to the countryside to capture the full foliage scene. But honestly the fall foliage is just as amazing in the city as well.  All the trees in Central Park start the color change right around this time of the year, the vibrant colors lighten up the park, the scene is just picturesque, it’s definitely not to be missed. Try to go to the park and capture that before the weather gets too cold!

Orange 12

Orange Central Park

3). Orange makeup that gives the seasonal glow

Well, this is more like a golden beige than orange, though I still like to categorize it as a shade of orange. Aerin by Estee Lauder just released their Fall/Winter beauty collection. I especially adore the beautiful Lip and Cheek Color palette in Warm Gold/Rich Nude.  These colors give you the prefect hint of orange to warm up the seasonal look, and won’t give you the fake-baked orange hue on your face.  I like the Lip Gloss in Festive, too. It’s the perfect color that rounds up the makeup for the whole face and gives a nice polished look without making me feel too dressy for everyday errands.

Orange- 10

Orange Aerin 1

4). Orange zest Sweet Potatoes, yams, butternut squash…or all of the above

Of course, Fall is the season of harvest and Thanksgiving, it wouldn’t be completed if we don’t load up on the traditional fall flavors. My personal favorites are candied sweet potatoes and butternut squash soups. I can live on these two dishes for the whole season. Here are my two recipes I found that I can’t wait to try this year…

Orange Yam


The weather is getting nippier everyday, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or should I say stop and take in all the differen shades of orange when you have a chance.

Orange- 1