Beauty: Sleeping Beauty—Beauty Products that Work While You’re Sleeping


Intensive internships jobs, full time school, and one full time job,… forget about social life or working out, sometimes I don’t even have time to get a good night sleep.  It’s not only exhausting, but also very unhealthy too.  Let’s not even talk about having some beauty sleep,  I haven’t had a chance to have that kind of luxury in a while.  But whether I get to have a regular eight hours of bedtime or not, I always try to maximize the benefit of my sleep:

I don’t usually like to wear socks, but I put on thick layers of foot cream (I use Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Runway Ready Luxury Food Treatment) on my feel and put on some thick socks before I go to bed, it’s the most efficient way to keep my heels from drying out especially in the cold winter days.


I do the same thing with my hands during my bartending years, my hands always got uncomfortably dry after a long shift behind the bar, I would lube my hands with Vaseline or my recently new favorite cream, Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy OIl,  and put on some gloves to seal in the moisture before I go to bed. Some people swear by the special-made moisturizing socks or gloves, I don’t go that far, regular ones work might fine for me!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.24.34 AM

It is slightly trickier when it comes to facial skin care. It’s not like I can just put a regular facial mask over my face and go to bed like that, I don’t want to get the pillows and bed sheets all messy, and I also don’t want to scare myself looking into the mirror when I wake up in the middle of the might to go to the bathroom.  Clearly I’m not the only person who thought of utilizing the snoozing time, I have been seeing some beauty brands with new “sleeping masks” that will make this beautifying process easier for busy people like us.

When I first heard about sleeping masks, I envisioned the satin eye masks people wear on airplanes. However, in the skin care world they’re something completely different: Thick creams and gels that you apply over your regular skin care before you go to bed. According to these brands, “sleeping masks are designed to deliver maximum moisture to your skin while you sleep, they can even help the ingredients in your other products work better.”  There’s no hard giving it a try, right?  I now keep one on my nightstand, and I slather it on the night before an early morning appointment. My skin looks dewy and refreshed when I wake up. I recently got some Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask from work and gave it a try – it is cool feeling gel that feels uber moisturizing without the greasy heavy feeling.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.21.06 AM

I also got some samples of Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial , which smells amazing, and tried for a couple of days. This is a medium-weight cream that seeps right into the skin… I haven’t tried it long enough to know if it actually brighten the skin or not, but I do know that it sure leaves my skin super smooth and soft in the morning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.19.13 AM

I guess my “hard work” on pampering my skin while I sleep is paying off, even though my dark circles still makes me look like a sleepy panda– which can only be fixed by catching up some sleep (hopefully soon)– my skin is deeply nourished and actually feels healthier than ever.  But still, no matter how good the facemasks are, always try to get an eight hours of good night sleep and drink some water before you go to bed, no skincare products can give you the glow that comes from a healthy rested body!