Fashion: Fantasy Prints from Taiwan– Fabitoria


I just came back from a short walk in downtown Skaneateles, the town is covered in snow but it’s is still obvious that it’s beautifully decked out with Christmas lights and decorations, it is just magical and absolutely beautiful.  Black Friday is already over, but the town center is still packed with locals and visitors who are still interested in some extended Christmas shopping.  I have not done any of my holiday shopping yet this year, (Not good, not good at all)… I hate to admit that I don’t do well with the crowd, so I don’t usually do the Black Friday thing. Also, I usually like to find some up-and-coming local brands or independent designers, they actually have the most unique items that nobody knows about, but they don’t always participate the crazy sales events on Black Friday. Recently, my coworker told me about a relatively new fashion brand Fabitoria from Taipei (my hometown!!), and it has been getting a lot of good attention lately!!


Fabianna and Victoria are best friends since they were in college, they studied fashion together, and decided to  create a fashion clothing line together. They combined their names, and voila… Fabitoria was born. Both of them share a special love in skirts– they believe that skirt is the most versatile piece a girl can have, easy to wear yet full of style. They were designing skirts for themselves so they have something fun and stylish to wear, and of course, good work advertises itself, they started to get a lot of attention from friends and family around them– In 2012, they decided to start their own collection. Their first collection was simply a series of A-line skirts, all with vibrant colors and playful retro patterns. It was an instant hit among the fashion society, fashion bloggers such as Susie Bubble are all making inspiring pairing with their skirts on their blogs and that definitely helped Fabitoria spread the name without advertising.



Fabitoria is known for their digital printed designs. Both Fabianna and Victoria like to use their daily life story as their design material, every little detail and event can be turned into the inspiration for the next sketch, and before you know it, the story is being retold on the design of the skirts. Whether it is a surrealistic fairytale, pictures of horses and vineyard, or even some imagery of electrical microchips as the printing design, every piece of skirt carries a different character and tells a different story. Each design presents the wild imagination from the designers and the unique brand identity that stands out from the sea of newcomers.



For the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, Fabitoria came out with the new maxi skirt design, the new design emphasizes on the detailed handcrafted texture and the adjusted signature A-line shape for the longer cut, it is flattering and gives everyone a slimming and elongating effect. Stepped away from the light materials they typically use for their summer collection, they use a blend of thicker fabrics with golden silk lining to give their skirts an opulent and more luxurious touch. Besides skirts, they also came out with a series of tops with some very unusual cuts, which again, shows the playfulness of the brand. AND, for those who are not big fans of skirts, the also started their trousers with the same signature print designs for the first time this season!! Yay for trousers!!


Born and raised in Taiwan, I am always extremely proud to hear good designers from Taiwan getting international attention. Even though I haven’t tried on any of the design from Fabitoria yet, I am more than happy to give them a shout out.  For those who are interested and doesn’t have a chance to go visit their store in person, here’s the website, go check it out and give my Taiwanese fellows some support!!