Lifestyle: Fountain of Youth (Almost!)— Kombucha the Wonder Drink


Chances are, you’ve seen it in your local grocery store. Maybe you’ve even mustered the courage to taste it — or at least take a whiff. Once mostly a product of health food stores and hippies’ kitchens, kombucha tea is now commercially available in many major grocery stores in New York.

According to the mighty Internet, I learned that more than 2,000 years ago the ancient Chinese discovered the health benefits of Kombucha tea, and they called it an “immortal health elixir.” Born and raised in Taiwan, I had never heard about it or seen it before until I started a raw vegan diet years ago. I was pretty much obsessed with anything that has health boosting live enzymes and I discovered Kombucha. At first, I wasn’t really a fan of its flavor – it tastes like some kind of combo between vinegar soda and carbonated apple cider – it’s not bad, it’s just a little different and took me a few sips to get in the groove. And before I knew it, I’m addicted to it. Now I’m not a raw vegan anymore, but I still drink kombucha regularly to give my health a little enzyme boost.


Kombucha is made from the fermentation of a mixture of sweetened tea (can be green, black or white tea) and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). It is known to be effective in reducing the risks of certain health problems and promoting overall health.

During the making of Kombucha, the fermentation process turn the sugar into organic acids that blunt the blood sugar response so it is very low glycemic and non-inflammatory.  Kombucha is also loaded with unique nutrients such as orgamic acids, polyphenol anti-oxidants, active enzymes and probiotics.  Here’s a good glace of the health benefits of this magical beverage:

1). Detoxifies the Body

One of the most important health benefits of Kombucha tea is that it can detoxify your body. It contains many of the bacterial acids and enzymes that are needed for detoxifying your system, and it can reduce pancreatic load and prevent your liver from becoming overburdened. Regular consumption of Kombucha tea can help you maintain a healthy liver.

2). Improve Digestion and Boosts Immune System

Kombucha is loaded with probiotic bacteria and yeast that make their way into the gut and ward off parasites and pathogens. It is particularly good at minimizing Candida and improves digestion and nutrient assimilation. Kombucha enhances immunity by inoculating the gut with healthy microorganisms and providing anti-oxidants and enzymes. These antioxidants can strengthen your immune system and suppress the activities of free radicals that can cause serious damages to your body. Consequently, your body will become less susceptible to infections and illnesses.

4). Increases Energy Levels

The detoxifying effects of Kombucha ensure that the systems in your body will function more efficiently. When all body processes are running smoothly, your energy levels will increase significantly.

5). Promotes Weight Loss

Another great benefit of Kombucha tea is its ability to improve metabolism. When your metabolism rate is higher, you will be able to lose more weight.

The list goes on and on, as if all these benefits are not enough for anyone to give a try already.  I started out with a brand called GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha, and I have been pretty loyal to it and it’s still my go-to brand. I don’t usually do sweet drinks, so the Original flavor and the Green one are my favorites. I like Synergy’s Cherry Chia Kombucha, too. It’s like two power food in one bottle, can’t be more convenient than that.


 Kombucha Brooklyn is also one of the bigger brand, I haven’t tried them yet for some reason, but I am extremely interested in their Home Brew Kit. It would be a dream come true to make my own Kombucha at home.

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I hope this post brings you some interests in Kombucha, January is the month of refresh and restart, why not start your new year with a new healthy beverage? It is an easy step to take towards the healthy diet that we all wish for the New Year!