Get Healthy with Juice Bars — The Healthiest Bar Hopping Scene in New York City


Just like every year, even though I eat pretty healthy in general, one of my New Year resolutions is to improve my diet eat healthier. Of course, it is easier said than done, (duh!), the festivities and events in the city just never seem to end even after the holidays… which, is an amazing thing because that means life is good and there’s always something that calls for celebration… but it also means that I will actually take a more drastic move to kick start my diet.  Over the years, I tested out many detox, and I came to the conclusion that doing juice cleanse is the easiest and most practical way to reset my system in a short amount of time, reset my mind, and prep me for a clean start for healthy eating.

I remember when I first started doing juice cleanses, drinking green juices was still a niche hippie thing and it wasn’t easy to find a good juice bar with reasonable prices in the city. In the past year, New York’s cold-pressed juice scene has seriously exploded. The former dingy small juice places now are all becoming local favorites and opening multiple locations across the city, and there is also an array of brands available at Whole Foods or other big markets… who would know that drinking green juice, which was once consider weird, is now mainstream, and even stylish! Here are some of my favorite juice bars that I have been visiting over the years and I can’t be happier that they are opening more stores now:

1).  Blue Print Juice

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 6.37.34 PM

Blue Print Juice is the very first juice cleanse I have ever tried.  They are, as far as I know, the first one to launch the 6-bottle-a-day juice cleanse delivery and made it become the norm. Their juice flavors are very simple and straightforward, and yet all very tasty – even the standard green one, aka the “harsh”/ “nasty” one for most beginners, are pleasant to the tongue and very easy to drink.  I usually like to do a 3-day cleanse with Blue Print when I feel the need to clean up my system. I love their cashew milk that’s designed to provide some healthy fat and protein during the detoxing days, it’s like a milk shake and gives me a little substance for the day!  The juices are also now available in Whole Foods regularly, they are not cheap, but it’s convenient whenever I feel the need for a healthy boost.

2). Organic Avenue


I was a Organic Avenue junky when I was under a strict raw diet.  I love everything raw food they make, and of course, their fresh juices and smoothies are amazing, too!  They have more flavors and variety with their juices (6 different flavors just the green-looking ones alone); they also have booster shots for those who are looking for some extra nutritional kicks.  I particularly like the Dragon Breath not just because of the badass name… but also because it’s a powerful yet flavorful shot that flush out my system efficiently and kicks the cold. Organic Avenue also provides several 3-day-detox cleansing packages, they have easier ones that are combines with raw food dishes for those who are not ready to give up food yet for detox. I haven’t tried any of their detox packages yet, but from the quality of the juices they make, I don’t think you can go wrong here.

3). Liquiteria


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.54.34 PM

Liquiteria is also one of the first juice places I’ve ever visited when I moved to New York.  I lived right around the original location in East Village and I used to make frequent visits before my big photo shoots.  They are known for their fresh smoothies more then the juices. Since the juice trend started, their bottled juices are coming in strong as well.  Most of their juices are simply juices, and some of the juices are kicked up with some nutritional boosters (such as Liver Kidney Lymph Detox or Immunity Now). You can add any of the boosters to the juices you like as well, they are very comforting and convenient when I feel a little under the weather, or … hmm… had a little too much the night before!

4). Juice Press



Juice Press is newer to me, but I’m very impressed with it.  They have the biggest menu when it comes to juice and smoothie – I got so excited the first time I walked into the store, just like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to buy everything!!!  They also have an extensive raw food selection if you want to do some chewing instead of just drinking juices.  I’m a raw food fan, they had me at raw food!!….But their juices are just as amazing too! . Juice Press is probably the newest one in this list, but they are growing fast and already have almost 20 locations in the city.

Don’t we all work hard and party hard in New York City, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take care of our health!! We definitely love our bar scenes, but after all the bar hopping at night, it’s time to catch up on this juice trend and hop between the juice bars!! Keep it up and get healthy! Drinking juices is not a hippie habit anymore, it’s the new fashion habit now!