Beauty: Skincare Ingredient Spotlight: Sage is all the Rage


A couple months ago, a couple friends and I are trying to create a new formula for natural deodorant. I was looking into all the natural ingredients I have, and decided to put in some rosemary oil and sage essential oil, my friend saw my formula and joked about how my formula looks more like a food recipe than something in the skincare category.  I laughed with her because she’s right about it, but at the same time, sometimes we forget that some of the best ingredients are just as simple as the stuff we find in our kitchen.  Sage is a perfect example.

It’s more than just a herb in our kitchen cabinet—it is also a super-plant with super perks. Sage, also known as salvia, which means “to heal” in Latin. Do you know it has 700 species? I definitely didn’t, but I do know that that sage in general has beauty advantages that are just as bountiful and mind-blowing: Sage has been used for centuries to treat what ails you—eczema, poor digestion, greasy tresses, breakouts and body odor included, isn’t that incredible? And actually, even though sage doesn’t usually get the shout out on the packaging as some of the other fancier ingredients, it is actually used in a lot of products in the market; you might have been using them without even noticing its existence!  Here is a mini breakdown of the properties of sage:

  • Aroma-therapeutic: Just like lavender, the aroma of sage can be soothing and has therapeutic purposes. When inhaled, sage oil can relax the senses and alleviate sadness and anxiety!
  • Deodorizing: Sage can withstand a lot, making it ideal for refreshing and balancing perspiration and odor.
  • Antiseptic: Since it’s an astringent, sage is useful in reducing excess oil and purging pores. That’s why you’ll often find it in shampoos and acne-fighting formulas.
  • Warming: Pure sage essential oil helps boost circulation and stimulates the skin, hence sage’s presence in countless food balms and massage creams.

And here are some of the awesome products that have sage as part of the ingredients:

1.    Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh

I always like Dr. Hauschka’s products. They take the holistic approach and focus on botanical and mineral ingredients. This deodorant from Dr. Hauschka has a clean fresh scent and it’s antiperspirant-free. The witch hazel and sage extracts is said to absorb odors and keep the underarm skin balanced without irritation.  I like how it dries quickly after application and has a subtle natural scent.


 2.    Carol’s Daughter Sage and Shea Food Butter

I always have terrible, ugly dry feet in the winter, I have probably tried every foot cream there is in the market.  Carol’s Daughter is known for their natural skincare product, of course I tried their foot cream before I tried any of their famous hair products.  Their Sage and Shea Foot Butter has super rich shea butter to moisturize and soften the callouses, and has rosemary and sage to smooth the skin.


3.    Shea Terra African Wild Sage & Cinnamon In the Wind Hand and Bath Bar

This rich cleanising and exfoliating bar from Africa is the real deal. With African wild sage and bacteria properties of cinnamon, if it can wash away all the germs and odor while you’ll in the jungle, I sure hope it’ll work while we’re in the city, too!

soap_african_wild_sage 4.    Shaffali Volcanic Ash and Sage Facial Earth Mask

I like this product not just because of the sage, which has superb antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant qualities, I also like the volcanic ash that is hightly absorbent that draws away all the excess oils form the skin and stimulating circulation. Also, Volcanic Ash just sounds so cool.


Besides all the magical beauty benefit sage offers, it also has another well-known property—aura cleansing. Burning sage is an ancient ritual used to spiritually cleanse a space of bad energy.  If you feel like you’re going through a bit of a negative phase, burn some try sage like incenses in your home or office to clear space on an energetic level…. Or at least it’ll help you clear your mind!