Travel: Savor the Taste of the South – Savannah, GA


I have been hearing so much about Savannah in the past few years, every time I want to arrange something out of town, one of the suggestions I get would always be Savannah. After years of talking about it, I finally made it last month during the long weekend. And yes, I absolutely love this charming little southern town.

Winter is Savannah’s slow season. While the Savannah weather rarely drops to what the rest of the country might call “cold,” it is still much warmer than New York this time of the year. I stayed at The Mansion right on Forsyth Park, not only that it’s it is quaint and quiet, it is also right at the Historic District and it’s pretty much walking distance to everywhere I wanted to go! Overwhelmed with all the historic sights and places to visit, I decided to do what I do best — eat and drink though the town and learn as I go! Here are some of the places I visited that I still think about since I got back:

1). Soho South Café

My co-worker who used to live here told me about this place, it’s a local favorite, and apparently now tourists come here too.  It is a charming little place for lunch or brunch with girls (even though I went with a dude) that serves “civilized” southern cuisine—tomato soup, chicken salad on a croissant, etc – happy belly guaranteed.  Bright open space with big windows, artistic painting and a grand piano right at the entrance, it has a bit of a Brooklyn vibe but the space is gazillion times bigger.  Definitely a cute place to visit.



2). The Olde Pink House

You can’t possibly miss this place, it’s a pink mansion—need I say more? This is one of the most popular restaurants in Savannah, we actually didn’t have a chance to try their delicate new southern cuisine, but we made sure we visited the hidden tavern downstairs. The tavern has a turn-back-time kind of ambiance to it— dark room with paneled rood, fire place, long white candle-lit bar, campaign and dark booze, boys love it, and I love that boys love it, too! Rumor has it that there’s a ghost gentlemen who like to hangout at the bar here, though I never got to witness that…I would’ve bought him a drink!



3). The Pirate House

Some may argue that this is a tourist restaurant, but when it is one of the oldest buildings in Savannah, and it’s actually a historic place that’s built in 1753, how can we not pay it a visit? I did an unusual thing and had the southern buffet, and can’t say it was glamorous, but it was sure delicious. There are more than just food and booze to this restaurant – ask the server (or the pirate lady that hangs out there) for a tour of the place, don’t leave the place without seeing the Herb House and the tunnels that was originally used to smuggle barrels of run into the city! It’s fascinating!




4). Despositos Seafood Restaurant

Since I did a tourist place, we had to do something super local to redeem myself. This place is actually not in the city center (I actually had to take a cab there), but it’s so worth the visit.  This place has no website, no nothing; some may call it a dump, I call it a good old low country joint in the middle of nowhere. This is a place where you place newspaper on the table, and order a couple basketful of seafood broil and a pitcher of beer and just eat away. Sometimes that’s all it takes, fresh seafood and cold beer, no fanciness needed to put that happy smile on my face.


 Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 2.28.18 AM

5). Rocks on the Roof

Another hot spot for drinks in Savannah besides The Olde Pink House. It is located on the roof of the Bohemian Hotel – order a cocktail or two (or more, in my case), kick back and enjoy the fantastic views of the Savannah Riverfront and historic district, life is really not bad at all!


I also visited Clary’s Dinner just because it’s was in the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (even though I never watched the movie), visited the Alligators Soul for a romantic dinner, and did the ask-for-a-togo-cup for my cocktail thing, since the locals are so proud of the drinks-on-the-road policy. And last but not least, I did a ghost tour around midnight, scared and totally creeped out, but very proud of myself for doing it. I have finally seen the charming little Savannah, and now I understand why people love it so much! I know I will come back again, too! There are still too many places I haven’t been, still drinks I need to take on the road with me, and still ghost I haven’t witness. But ‘till then….. I’ll just savor the taste of Savannah ( and the shrimp and grits ) in my dreams.