Beauty: Three Asian Skincare Products We Love (and Keep Wanting More) for Dewy Happy Skin


One of the perks of having friends in Asia is that I can always get the insider scoop on what the Asian fashionistas are doing…. I like to know what fashion trends they are following or what beauty secrets they have. They must be doing something right that we are not doing — all the girls in Asia keep their skin so perfectly pretty and hydrated that they almost look like they have a permanent glow on their skin.  From my insider sources, I always learn about some beauty products (or concepts) that I’ve never heard of, sometimes they are shocking and weird (such as the recent snail cream craze), but most of the time I have to admit, they are pretty brilliant!

It seems that Asian women in general are simply ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty trends: First came oil blotting rice papers from Japan, then, more recently, BB creams from Korea, followed soon after by CC creams, also from Asia. In stead of waiting for the Western market to catch up with the Far East, I decided to purchase three of the trendiest products from Asia and give them a test run…. And of course, as much as I try not to, I’m madly in love with these products and I just want more:

1). IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock XP (SPF 50+/PA+++)

I don’t really like compact foundations; I always think they’re too think and too much work for daily use. But I have to say, this Air Cushion compact is pretty impressive. Actually, it’s is so good that there is one XP sold every 30 seconds in Korea! The compact has an unique formula-soaked sponge that has all the benefits of a BB cream (anti-aging, moisturizing, skin-evening coverage and SPF protection). It comes with a non-absorbing puff that wicks the formula off of the sponge and effortlessly applies evenly onto your face, for that dewy no-makeup, makeup look. As skeptical as I was, my skin felt soothed and cooled instantly upon application. It is designed to be reapplied as much as you want throughout the day (before or after makeup) for touch-ups. This product comes in five shades. Two natural shades for lighter coverage, two cover shades for higher coverage, and one shimmer shade for a more glowy finish. The compact even comes with an extra refill. If you’ve never tried any Korean beauty products, this is the one you need to try.



2). Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

With a brand that uses “snow” as its name (laneige is snow in French), the Water Sleeping Pack uses the science of water to maximize skin health. If you were wondering, “pack” is like a hybrid of a night cream and mask. The “pack” has a light get-type texture, it provides intensive hydration without any greasy feeling.

In addition, the product has Sleepscent™ that helps you relax with the power of aroma. So all you need to do is to put on this “pack” like a regular night cream, sleep, and be ready to wake up with a refreshed and happy face! No excuse for winter dry skin anymore!


3). White Formula Super Moist Toner With Hyaluronic Acid

This product is one of the best selling product in Taiwan! It is called a “toner”, but it is almost gel-like and it’s more like a combination of toner and serum. It is emphasized on its super moisturizing property, and it’s free of alcohol, fragrance and colorants with a balanced pH, in other words, nothing bad for your skin but hydrating wonders. I didn’t think I need any intensive moisturizing on my face, but this product is all pleasure and surprisingly mind blowing (and maybe just a little bit addictive). It absorbs quickly and it keeps my skin dewy and supple. I like the clean feeling without any burden. I use a little face oil over it to seal in the moisture for maximum result. I think this will be an superb product for anyone with oily skin ad doesn’t like anything greasy, or simply for everyone in a hot summer day. The toner comes in a mask form too, it’s a bit more intense, and the result is just as amazing!



After using all three products for almost two weeks, I’m a little obsessed! My skin is feeling clean, healthy and much softer, I catch myself feeling up my own skin like a weirdo all the time, it just feels so nice. I can’t call myself glowing, but I can say that my skin is visibly dewier, and when I apply makeup, I use less to achieve that flawless look. I’m liking these Asian wisdom, there’s a reason why most people jokes about how Asians don’t age, they simply take better care of their skin!  I get it, I think I would like to stay in my 20’s for another decade too if I can!!