Travel: Taste of San Jose del Cabo at Big Tony’s Zipper’s Bar and Grill


Sun shine, ocean and blue sky…. Things I can never get enough of. I guess that’s why it is a no brainer that the moment I get to take some time off from my overloaded-work-and-school life, I am off to the sunny San Jose del Cabo, especially after this long and brutal winter in New York this year.  It’s not my first time visiting Los Cabos, I’m very lucky to have a place to stay right on the beach whenever I go, it’s a shame that I don’t have enough time to go more often.

I don’t make a lot of plans when I come down to Los Cabo since I always packed my schedule with a lot of sitting by the pool, long walk at the beach, and last but not least, eat and drink to my heart’s desire. I always like Mexican food, though surprisingly there aren’t many Mexican restaurants that I’m impressed with. Since I’m now in Mexico and the Mexican food here is fresh and authentic, I literally can’t stop myself from eating all the food, it’s almost a problem.


Among all the amazing restaurants I tried in San Jose del Cabo, Big Tony’s Zipper’s Bar and Grill is one of my favorites — during my one-week-stay in town, I visited Big Tony’s three times — it’s conveniently close to where I stay that I can take a short walk from the beach to the restaurant, but mostly it’s because they have some seriously good comfort food, I never left the place without a happy belly (and maybe a little buzz), AND did I mention that it’s right on the beach? How can you not love a place with good food and an beach view?


Big Tony’s menu is extensive but straightforward. It has a full range of legendary BBQ ribs, steaks, chicken and seafood from the mesquite grill for the local surfers with big appetites, or if you’re hungry for some local Mexican flavor,  the Baja Coconut Shrimps, Grilled Fish Tacos (my favorite) and Tony’s Grandma’s Rellenos will not disappoint you. The portions are pretty generous, but somehow it was never a problem for me when I’m on vacation.

photo 2

There’s also a full bar, even though I never venture out to other cocktails from my regular ice-cold local beers and Margaritas. They also have live music daily – sometimes it’s breezy beach tunes, sometimes it’s whatever music the local artists have in mind. Once in a while if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a couple or two get up and dance to the music after a few cocktails, with the sound of the ocean waves in the background, it’s categorically one of the most relaxing and romantic combo one can ask for.


What I love about Zippers – day or night – is that it just feels so good. It’s one of the few old tried and true spots I can’t wait to visit a gain. Lots of friendly locals and surfers, no pretentions, no timeshare hustles – just some happy booze and good ol’ tunes. Hit the beach loungers after lunch and enjoy the surf show out front, or head under the palapa and have a cocktail with a killer sunset over the sea. It’s more than a regular restaurant and bar, it’s more like a mini package of everything you should enjoy when you’re down in San Jose del Cabo.

photo 3

Five minutes from San José del Cabo, take the exit at the Costa Azul bridge, drive underneath and turn right. From Cabo San Lucas, after Palmilla at Km 27, watch for the lookout (El Mirador) and pass it, the exit is right after the curve just before the bridge. Don’t miss Big Tony’s Zipper’s Bar and Grill on Costa Azul Beach. And try to look for Big Tony while you’re there, you won’t be able to miss him if you see him.