Beauty: Raising the Bar with Lush Shampoo Bar

Lush Shampoo bars display

Just another day in the office, we are looking through tens and thousands of websites to look for products that we haven’t tried or tested yet… because being in the industry, that’s part of what we do, we want to know and try every single product in the market. Sometimes if we’re lucky, we will find products that are a little unusual, a little out of the regular expectation, and that’s when things start to get interesting. Today is one of those days – we just discovered Lush Shampoo Bars.

Apparently, Lush’s solid shampoo bar is not new to the market, and yet, it’s still new to my coworker and me. How did we miss out on that? We thought we need it try these bars right now!!!



Lush Shampoo bar comes in a good range of colors and “flavors”, each of them has its own benefits and functions that will work wonder on your hair. Jumping Juniper is a purple wonder that will clean out all the grease and balance the sebum at your sculp. Godiva is a 2-1 shampoo bar that contains moisturizing nut oil, it cleans and conditions your hair at the same time. There are also Karma Komba for tangled hair, Dr. Peppermint that stimulate hair growth, and many other fun different ones. We bought every type that is available, we are so excited to try them out.


I am blessed with a head of good hear, I didn’t have any particular “problems” I wanted to focus on, so I choose the Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar to give my hair an extra boost of shine. I didn’t even know where to start in the beginning, since I have some massive long hair, but it’s actually very easy and straightforward. I rubbed the bar on my wet hair around my hairline, it lathered up quickly and didn’t take long for me to have a full head of bubbles – actually more bubbles than what I usually get with liquid shampoos. Even better, the bubbles are so delicate and fluffy, it makes the shampooing experience very luxurious, it makes me feel like I’m in a shampoo commercial.

When I rinse off the shampoo, it leaves my hair a squeaky clean finish, it’s almost too clean for, or maybe I never really washed my hair clean for my whole life till now…I hope that’s not the case. Either way, I put back some nourishment into my hair by deep conditioned my hair with my regular products afterwards.


Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

I have used the shampoo bar three times so far, I like it more and more every time I use it. I usually need to use a giant dollop of shampoo to wash my hair thoroughly, not with this shampoo bar, it only takes a few rubs around the hairline for me to shampoo my full head of hair. I love it, this shampoo bar can potentially save me some shampoo expenses. And since less shampoo is required with this shampoo bar, it is good for the environment, too!

I also like the fact that since it’s a solid shampoo, it doesn’t require any packaging. Can you imagine how many plastic bottles we can save if we don’t need to bottle shampoo? I’m not an extremist, but I always love to support products and ideas that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, since it is not liquid, it makes it easy to travel, too.

Most of these shampoo bars are herbs driven, (think juniper essence and lavender oil), my coworker thought some of them smell too funky to her, I thought they aren’t bad, I like herbaceous scents, too. I usually love the lingering scent of shampoo after I wash my hair, these shampoo bars don’t really do that though, the scent is very subtle, I have to “scent” my hair with some leave-in products afterwards.


So what are my final thoughts on these shampoo bars? I think they are pretty cool and the overall quality is pretty solid (no pun intended). And guess what, from the shape to the scents, these shampoo bars are gender neutral, for the same random reasons guys like bar soaps more than shower gel, guys like these shampoo bars too!! If you don’t want to share, you’ll have to keep them away from your boys!