Beauty: 4 Sunscreens That Make You Rethink Sunscreens



After the long brutal winter, the weather is finally getting warm, and we are finally seeing sunshine in New York. And with the gorgeous weather during Memorial Day weekend, it is safe to officially announce– Summer is here !!

Sometimes I forget how weather can easily affect my mood. Seeing the sun shining through the cloud instantly gives me a brighter and happier mood. I love the feeling when the sun beaming down on my skin; sometimes I just want to sit in the sun all day and soak up every bit of the warmth, and of course, why not get a healthy dose of vitamin D and a natural golden glow at the same time?! Although I have to admit, I am not the best when it comes to reapplying sunscreens, especially on my face, to keep up with this weather.

Daily Lotion with SPF

Daily Lotion with SPF

I usually apply a regular lotion with a light SPF on my body, and I make sure my daily moisturizer also have at least SPF20 to protect my face. These are good enough only if I am staying indoors all day, for the days I’ll be out in the sun, it will call for more protection than that. Luckily the quality of sunscreens has been improving quite a lot these years. Remember when the sunscreens are always thick and sticky and have this ashy opaque color? Not anymore!! Sunscreens have come a long way — most brands now have sunscreens that are much lighter and easier to apply, they also come in many shapes and forms for different occasions and applications. Here are some of my new favorite discoveries:

1). Yonka Solar Care SPF 20

Yonka SPF 20

I got this when I was in Europe visiting their factory last year. This is a sunscreen that comes in a liquid form in a simple spray bottle. It’s very straight forward didn’t seem any special at first, but it’s surprisingly pleasant once I started using it. The sunscreen has a very light texture, it goes on smoothly without any blending effort; it looks very opaque, but it goes on sheer without appearing ashy. The best part is, unlike most of the sunscreen in the market, it has a sophisticated light floral scent instead of that cheap coconut smell. It can be used on face, too, without making the skin too greasy for a causal makeup. One bottle from head to toe, it really makes the sun protection process that much easier.

2). Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50


Remember the IOPE Air Cushion we mentioned in the Korean Beauty Products We Love? This is a similar product from the sister brand Amore Pacific. The product comes in a sponge that soaked in a multitasking formula with a heavy dose of SPF to protect the skin, and natural botanicals to keep skin hydrated. Simply use the non-absorbing puff to dab the formula off the sponge and evenly apply it on the face. It can be worn sheer, or can be built to a desired coverage. It is designed to be reapplied throughout the day — t’s heavy-duty protection without extra burden on your skin.

3). Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF45

Peter Thomas Roth

This is probably as far as you can get from the traditional thick creamy sunscreen. This finely milled mineral powder makes sun protection super easy – just brush it on with the attached brush whenever needed, it leaves my skin smooth and radiant, it also gives a healthy glow and takes away all the shine. And best of all… no mess and no greasy residue! It is a great product to have in the everyday makeup bag.

4). Nuxe Tanning Oil for Face and Body with SPF 30


Okay okay, this is not really a sunscreen, it’s more of a tanning oil than a sunscreen, but it does also has SPF in it. I don’t usually go out in the sun just to bake and tan, but if there’s a product out there that will help me get that beautiful golden brown, I say why not!? I always love Nuxe products, especially their multipurpose dry oil – it goes on easily without feeling greasy, but moisturizes and soften my skin perfectly. This Tanning Oil does just exactly the same thing, plus, it gives me a boost for that healthy summer glow, and protects me from the sun damage at the same time. It’s a win-win situation, how can you not love this product?

It’s hard to find excuses not to wear sunscreen now when the sun protection products are so advanced and easy to use. Now go out and catch some sunshine before the sun starts to set again. And don’t forget to drink some water to keep yourself hydrated, and apply some after-sun care to cool down the skin. This is just the beginning of summer, we gotta take good care of the skin to last through the season! Happy Summer!!