Beauty: Orbis — the OIl-Free Queen from Japan


It’s not hard to notice that one of the biggest trend in the beauty world now is “oil” – Oil has been the superstar ingredient in most of the beauty products now, it didn’t take long for me to fall for this trend and started my obsession with face oil, followed by body oil, hair oil and pretty much everything oil related. Just when I started to think oil makes everything better, my coworker told me about Orbis, a popular brand in Taiwan, which is known for its 100% oil-free skincare products. I was intrigued…. So I decided to dig into this brand and learn more about it.

Orbis is a Japanese brand now available in multiple countries in Asia, such as Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The brand differentiates itself from the others by making all of their skincare and makeup products 100% oil free and non-sensitive. Orbis’ theory is that if there is oil residual leave on the skin, it will cause dry lines, dehydration, dullness upon oxidation with sunray and air. Therefore, all of Orbis’ products have the same refreshing, light texture that emphasize on the hydrating properties.


The brand started out as a direct selling company, but recently they started to open up retail stores in various cities including Taipei. Inside the newest store opened in the center of downtown Taipei, products are displayed in clean-cut wood shelving with marble accents, the whole interior is just as refreshing and clean as the products. Here are some of the most popular products, if you’re not a big oil-based product fan like me, these are just the perfect options for you:


1). Orbis Cleansing Liquid Oil Cut


This is the famous oil-free makeup remover from the brand. It has a gel-ish texture, feels almost like a thick beauty serum, and it feels light and super hydrating on the skin. Without oil, this cleansing liquid melts off lipstick, foundation and even the tough and stubborn mascara like nobody’s business, the cleansing power is surprisingly efficient. According to the product description, it hydrates and takes off all your makeup at the same time. I still went through my moisturizing routine after using this cleansing liquid, but it does feel clean and refreshing, and definitely no greasy residue.


2). Orbis Oil Cut Aqua Force Mild Wash


The most important steps in skincare is cleaning and hydrating – with brown algae extract and rosemary leaf extract, this product claims to do exactly both in one step. All it takes is just a little bit of this pearly white cleanser, you’ll have more bubbles than you can ask for to clean your whole face. I personally don’t feel the bouncy hydrating effect, but it sure get my face fresh and squeaky clean but not overly drying.


3). Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen on Face SPF34 ++


This is a multi-function sunscreen that is oil free, fragrance fee and chemical free — It is moisturizing and nourishing with more than 80% of plant-based beauty extracts, AND it’s a sunscreen. It is designed for all the workingwoman, which means everyone I know (including myself), for daily skincare that’s effective and timesaving. As the texture is fairly light, it is very easy to apply on face, and it doesn’t leave any ugly ashy white marks like traditional sunscreens. Best of all, it brightens the skin tone subtly and leaves a matte finish! That, I don’t’ see very often, and I think it’s amazing.

4). Orbis Clear Powder Foundation


For those who rather skip foundation in hot summer days like me, this is the product for you. This is a very light foundation powder that covers up your red spots and acne efficiently and naturally. For people who want to take out the shine and add just a little coverage, this is a great product to carry around in the purse.

Overall, I think Orbis is a good brand – with the oil-free concept, it definitely sounds appealing when in comes to hot summer weathers, especially those extremely soupy humid days. Although I am still not ready to take any time off from my oil product assortment, I don’t mind adding a few oil-free products in my collection. They don’t have any retail channel in the US yet, but are definitely available on eBay (what’s not on eBay these days?), that’s where I got my products. Maybe they will make their way to the US market soon someday.