Beauty: 5 Light Lotions for Heavy Summer Weather

closeup of female hands applying hand cream

Summer is always a tricky season when it comes to skincare – sweat clogs the pores, the heat dehydrates, and the humidity makes it impossible for moisturizers to sink in. It really is a challenge for most of us to stick to our regular skincare routines, let alone taking care of our body.

Besides adding some heavy duty moisturizing cream for some of the subzero harsh winter days, or change up some skin care products for my daily facial routine, I don’t usually change my body-care products according to the seasons mostly because I was too lazy, and maybe because I tried to convince myself that I’m young enough to get away with it, which is a far cry from reality. This is the first season I started to feel the urge to switch up the body care products to accommodate the hot summer weather. I love all of my usual favorite products, but they might be just a tab too much for the summer heat – they either feel a little sticky after application, or just simply too thick and heavy. In the beginning, I couldn’t figure out if it’s because this summer has been rainy and very humid, or if it’s because I’m becoming more sensitive to the textures of the products, but then I realize I’m simply not using the right product for the season. Since I made some changes in my product collection, I instantly feel the differences on the skin and solved all my problems. Here is the list of light lotions that I found that works perfect even in the hottest day in summer, and yet light enough for the heavy summer days.

1). Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse 


Nuxe Dry OilThis is one of my favorite products of all times, and I’m sure this is not the first time (wont be the last time either) that I write about it. Nuxe Dry Oil has a silky touch that glides on the skin easily, and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t leave any stickiness and greasy residue, and best of all, it has a soft rosy scent that’s just simply pleasent, and leaves the skin super soft and supple. They also have one that has a little bronzing glitter that gives just a touch of sun-kissed color on the skin. It’s subtle and just plain sexy.

2). Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter Light

Bliss Lemon Basil

Like its richer, thicker cousin, this body butter offers maximum moisture with shea and ilipe butters and macadamia nut oil, but the Light version is a much better choice for the hot weather. I got this as a gift a while ago, didn’t use it till recently and instantly falling in love with it. The creamy formula feels weightless when applied, and its fresh citrus scent won’t overpower.

3). Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum


This is another one of my favorite treats for the skin. Not only does Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum make skin soft and hydrated, the salve minimizes dark spots, lines, and sagging, thanks to a combination of retinol, wintergreen extract, and vitamin C. Concentrate application on skin that’s often exposed―like your chest, neck, shoulders, and arms. I like to put this body serum in the refrigerator, it feels extra amazing when applied on the skin.

4). H2O SPA Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss


Lotions in a spraying form is one of the big trend this year, If you don’t like to get your hands goopy when you smooth on moisturizer, this is your kind of product. I like this H2O Body Gloss with just enough nourishing oil and doesn’t add any weight on the skin. Simply spritz over skin and allow it to soak in.

5). Urban Decay Naked Body Beauty Balm


This BB craze is not just for the facial skincare, it has extended to the body care as well. You know how getting a little sun makes your skin tone look more even and all-around glowier? This new tinted BB for body does just that, minus the harmful UV rays, and it keeps your skin hydrated without any stickiness.

Just because it’s hot and humid outside doesn’t mean we don’t need to give our skin some nourish and pampering; on the other hand, it is important to give it the care it needs to protect it from the heat. Try some of these light lotions, they’ll only make your skin happier!