The 16 Biggest Hair Mistakes You’re Making

I love my mermaid-style long hair…. and people around me can tell you that “love” is probably an understatement, I have a special attachment to my hair. When I was modeling, my hair probably was my biggest money maker, I never have a problem booking any sorts of international hair show that allows the world renowned professionals to show off their new tricks and products on my thick long locks. Ironically, I’m not the best when it comes to taking care of my hair — I shampoo, conditions, and apply whatever hair oil that I have been testing on at the moment before I dry my hair — it’s a miracle that after all the harsh treatments my hair has been trough during all the hair shows, I still have a full head of hair without me doing any extra care. I was poking around online and saw this article about hair mistake, I thought we can all learn a little something form it and stop making mistakes that damage our hair. Here’s the article from Beauty High about The 16 Biggest Hair Mistakes You’re Making

Beauty High

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We all want to have our best hair possible – but are we sabotaging our own efforts with bad daily habits? Avoid committing serious hair crimes that help cause the bad hair days that we all dread by reading up on the below common hair mistakes!

The heat is turned all the way up:
Do you straighten, curl, or blow out your hair on one of the highest heat settings possible? If so, you’re committing a serious hair crime. It’s a common misconception that our styling tools won’t work as well if they aren’t as hot. WRONG. Your tools will still do the trick on the medium heat settings and it will save your hair some serious damage in the long run, says Lara Parker of Loxa Beauty.

Mixing just hairspray and heat:
Have you ever sprayed your curl while it’s locked into the iron and heard that sizzling sound? That…

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