New York: Weaving Together Pieces of Life: Found the Musical


Being a former actress, I always enjoy a good theater experience even though I’m not participating on stage anymore, and being in New York City definitely makes it easier for me to stay in touch with the theater business.

Last week, I was very lucky to be invited to meet the creators of a new off-Broadway musical called FOUND and also to the special viewing of the show. I have heard about the musical, and I know it is getting a lot of rave reviews, but I didn’t know enough of the play to know what to expect till I finally saw it. You ask me to describe how I like it? I guess the best way to describe it is that, I haven’t felt this way since I saw Rent the Musical for the first time. The play is not just young and has a little edge to it, it is also brilliantly creative and humorous – best of all, it is based on countess pieces of true stories, which makes it that much closer to your raw emotions and touches your heart.


FOUND is an original musical, written by Hunter Bell and Lee Overtree, that is based on scores of outrageous and eccentric discarded notes and letters that have been “found” in the real world by every-day people. Inspired by actual events, the show follows Found Magazine creator Davy Rothbart from his discovery of a shocking and strangely revealing note mistakenly left on his car, through his unlikely adventure creating a cult favorite indie magazine with his two friends. Finding success sharing other people’s embarrassing, hilarious or harrowing private thoughts, Davy uncovers the secret we’ve all forgotten: the things we hide are often the very things we have in common.



FOUND weaves together Davy’s story with those of countless other real people, through the notes they’ve lost that others have found. This new musical tells a story of ambition, betrayal and loyalty while celebrating the weirdness in all of us. FOUND the Musical isn’t just based on a true story, it’s based on hundreds of them. Outside of the music and the storyline, the casts are great, too! Besides the main leads, the rest of the actors all played multiple characters throughout the show.  They not only transformed from one part to another seamlessly, they also hit the punch lines precisely every single time, which makes the show that much funnier!  I laughed out loud throughout the whole show, and I secretly shed a few tears as well. It did exactly what a good musical should do – it has a series of creatively revolving stage designs, a good number of catchy musics that linger in my head after the show, and it not just entertained me but also tickled my emotions! I was very impressed, and I couldn’t get enough of it that I bought a copy of the book and all the issues of Found Magazine that are available.


Found the Musical opened this month at the Atlantic Theater Company, and will only be running till November 9th. There are still very good dates and tickets available, check out the official website and go see it before it closes.

Found the Musical:

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Side note: Since I can’t take photos in the theater, most photos posted here are taken form their official website or online!