Travel: Granado– The Retro Pharmacy Style Beauty Store in Brazil


I was in Brazil for a week for business, and since I work in the creative side of a beauty company, part of my job is to shop at all the beauty-related stores and find new inspirations. I have no complains since shopping is something I happened to be pretty good at.  We went to one of the popular shopping malls called Eldorado, they not only have quite a selection of fashion apparels for all ages, restaurants and coffee shops, they also have a good selection of cosmetic and skincare stores, including both international brands and local staples – Sephora, The Body Store, L’Occitane and o’Boticario, just to name a few.


The international stores that I have seen in the U.S. or other countries are pretty consistent, they are awesome and fun as always, but I definitely was more intrigued by the local Brazilian brands. As much as all these Brazilian brands all have their own uniqueness and brand identities, I was most impressed with a brand called Granado.

Granado is a cosmetic brand and the oldest apothecary in Brazil; It was founded in 1870 by the Portuguese Jose Antonio Granado Coxito. In its beginning, the ‘Pharmácia’ manipulated products with extracts of plants, herbs and flowers Brazilian grown at the site of its founder in Teresópolis (Rio de Janeiro). This pharmacy used to be the official provider of the royal family.



Nowadays, Granado pharmacy is well known in Brazil for its products of great quality and its traditional pharmacy décor and retro packaging. They are also known for their 100% vegetable-based soaps that are produced exactly the same way the founder made them back in the days, and the fragrances from the early days of perfumery. Brazilians always refer to Granado as the brand they used with their grandparents – that emotional attach with the specific products coincidently adds another special element to the brand.

When you see the store, you’ll instantly get drawn in to all the colorful products neatly arranged on the antique-looking apothecary shelves. There are several different collections presented in the store. The biggest and the best known collection is the brand’s soap and body care products that has been the staples of the brand since the beginning. The packaging of the soaps was updated through out the decades, but they have recently changed it back to the original packaging that matches the early day fragrance formula. The retro packaging are just so stylish and adorable and almost too pretty to use.



There is also the bright pink line that has their famous Nail Cuticle Cream that we talked about one time in A Little Bit of Brazil — Authentic Brazilian Beauty Product . The products all have fairly good quality, but the cuticle cream is definitely the most popular item in this collection.



There is also a whole different collection called Phebo. It used to be a separate company, but now it is also under Granado’s portfolio. The packaging has a totally different approach in styles and patterns, but they are just as delicate and pretty as well. The lip-glosses has a couple different flavors, I like the one with a light citrus scent. The floral print on the tube is adorable, and the gloss goes on sooth but not too shiny or sticky.

As much as it is a “cosmetic store”, most of the products here are unisex, they even have some home fragrances and pet products as well in you are interested in those categories.

Granado doesn’t just offer quality products, they also promote the wellness between body and mind but they don’t fall into the cliché “granola” image. The store is full of beautiful textures, soft lighting and happy music. The brand really created a very enjoyable shopping experience, and the prices are really affordable too!


There is no Granado store in the US yet, but they do have stores in most big cities in Brazil, and one store in Paris. If you happen to be around one of the Granado Stores, don’t’ miss the chance to go check it out!