Beauty: Tame the Winter Skin, Just Add Oil – Body Oil for Winter Weather


Today is one of the days that we are experiencing an unusual warm day in New York (with a balmy 58F average) considering it’s already December … I didn’t even need a coat to leave the office. But don’t we all know better that this is just one of Mother Nature’s little treat before the hard cold brutal weather comes back with the freezing sub-zero temperature! Oh Winter!

Consider growing up in the sub tropical weather before I move to the States, I really can’t call myself a winter person. I do enjoy the view of the snow when I’m bundled up like a snow bunny, and occasionally a hot chocolate with marshmallows floating with some fresh whipped cream, and of course, a white Christmas that turns the city into a winter wonderland, which makes the holiday season that much more romantic …… BUT, I still don’t like going outside in winter and feel the bitter cold air on my skin, which takes away all the moistures and makes my skin dry and ashy. I used to buy the thickest lotion I can fine and apply religiously before I leave the house just to fight the dryness, but nothing seemed to be thick enough to battle the brutal coldness. Couple years ago, I finally learned about the magic of body oil when I worked on a bikini photo shoot in winter. The stylish rubbed some body oil all over by body to prep me for the photo — the body oil did more than just keeping my skin shiny and healthy for the shoot, but it also saved my skin from the 11 degree cold air for the rest of the day. And that’s when I became a body oil believer for life.

Body oil is a more direct source of nourishment than body lotion, it is usually a mixture of oil without wax or emulsifier — it is easier to absorb by the skin without any extra burden, it is also a good way to beautify the skin while lock in the moisture. Some people worries that body oils can be too greasy and get messy when putting on the clothes, but with the face oil trend happening from the past couple seasons, a lot of oils have advanced and are usually very easy to absorbed into the skin.

After testing and trying tens and hundreds of oils on the market, here are some of the cult favorites that are also becoming my absolute favorite body oils:

1). African Botanics Stretchmark Botanical Body Oil


Don’t turn away from this oil just because it has “stretchmark” in the name. African Botanics probably is the best-known brand that put Marula Oil on the map in the beauty market. Marula Oil is high in vitamin C, E and it’s a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. This body oil is a blend of Marula oil, avocado oil, grapefruit, neroli and other botanical based oil which protects the skin from any harsh elements from the environment, and help prevent and/or reduce the appearance of stretchmark or scars if you have any, if you don’t have any concern about stretchmark and scars, just use it as a gentle body oil that is nourishing that doesn’t feel heavy and greasy! This is definitely one of the best oils I have ever tried.

2). Bio Oil Specialist Skincare Oil


I first bought this oil to reduce some scars on my leg, but then I realized this oil can be used more than just for scares. It is a multi-purpose oil that contains calendula, lavender, rosemary oils, which makes it super nourishing for aging and dehydrating skin, the chamomile oil makes it soothing as an after-sun care, and the whole blend as a whole, it can also be used daily as an intensive moisturizer from head to toe. When I have to travel light and can’t bring a lot of products with me, this is always the product I take with me.

3). Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula


This is one of the classic secret beauty products I learn from the photo shoots as a model. It is known for it’s lightweight formula that it vanishes into the skin instantly and leaves skin soft and silky, and the light sesame scent is just divine. The big bottle makes it easier to use it generously, which also helps to achieve a regular healthy glow on the skin!

4). One Love Organics Skin Savior


I originally bought this for the face, but it is so nice that I started to use it all over my body. It is a blend of cold-pressed coconut oil, mango butter and beeswax – yes, this is the only oil on the list that contains beeswax. – but it is still light and delicate enough that you don’t feel any burden on the skin.   As it is a coconut based oil, it turned into a solid balm in colder temperature, but just a little rubbing turns it right back into the silky oil. As this oil is fairly rich, a little goes a loooong way!

What so great about these oils is that they are so light on the skin, and can be layered with different products if you like, and most of them are multi-functional. I sometimes use the oils as a spot treatment and wear my regular lotions over it, sometimes I use a thin layer of oil on my face before I put on makeup for a boost of glow, and sometimes I rub a little oil on my hair for some shine without weighing it down. But my favorite way to use the oils? Splash them on the skin after shower while the skin is still damp and let it seals in the moisture. It leaves my skin soft and supple; it gives me the prettiest and healthiest glow without any greasy residue, it’s just simply the best!

Happy Winter, peeps!