Beauty: The Season of Joy, the Season of Gift Giving — Holiday Gifts Ideas for Everyone


It’s two weeks till Christmas!! Besides the bitter cold wind chill outside, it is definitely one of my favorites and it is also the most cheerful time of the year! I am usually a last-minute person when it comes to holiday shopping, but this year, surprisingly, I’m already done with most of my holiday gifts and even have some wrapped! There are always some friends or family members that are very easy to buy gifts for, those are the gifts that I got very excited with when I shop for them, because I know how happy they will be when they unwrap their presents. On the other hand, there are always a couple of my friends or relatives, I just can’t quite figure out what to give them. And it turned into an impossible gift search every year!

After looking around all the stores and holiday markets this year, I have found a few great gifting ideas, they are mostly in the beauty/ personal care realm, but they are all gender-neutral, and suitable for most people’s lifestyle. They add a luxurious touch to life and make you feel pampered, how can anyone not like these gifts?

1). Aesop Travel Skincare Kits

Aesop London Grooming Kit


Aesop is an Australian skincare brand that is essential oil based with great performance. All of the products are very gentle on the skin with wonderful aromatic scents, and best of all, they are all unisex! Each year they come out with a different series of gift sets (this year is The Artisanals), but their travel sets are always the staple. The Jet Set Kit is the most basic one with the essential in-flight size body care and hair care, it is designed for all skin and hair types! The Boston Travel Essential and London Travel Essential include products for basic three-step facial skincare (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) and mouth wash for those who want to keep their personal hygiene in check no matter where they go! The London Set is my favorite, it includes the Parsley Seed skincare collection that is high in antioxidant and gives me the protection and nourishment no matter where I go. But the other sets are just as great too. Don’t they make great gifts for your jet-setting friends? Bottom line is, even if they don’t take it on-the-go, these will always be a good gift to introduce your loved ones some good products form a good brand you love!

2). Diptyque 10 Candle Coffrot

 Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.12.15 PM

Home fragrance is always a good choice when it comes to gifting. Most people like things to make their homes smell better, and candle is one of the best way to achieve this is a classy manner. Dipyque is known for their high-end fragranced candles, they not only have amazing long lasting aroma, they are beautiful as a display item as well. This gift set includes 10 35-g candles, and the scents ranges from woody and spicy to floral, and it also includes some of the brand’s signature such as Feu de Bois and Rose. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like these little candles.

3). Soap Stones by Pelle Design

 Rock Soap

Giving soap as a gift can be a little bit of a cliché, but not when you gift these beautifully designed rock soaps!! These Soap Stones are handcrafted glycerin soap intended for both use and display. With all the beautiful vibrant colors and clean shapes — all inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Jade and Onyx — it’s hard to believe these soaps are all natural and made with only vegetable based ingredients. Get some different shapes and colors and pile them up, they look better when you have a bunch of them!

4). Bond No.9 Oud Pure Oil

Bond No9

Fragrance is always a luxury gesture when it comes to holiday gifting, and this is not just any regular fragrance, this is one of those Ouds that are the taking over the fragrance market recently. These Bond No. 9 Oud oils come in 7 different scents (the New York Amber is my favorite), and are all housed in the traditional way in a protable tola. It looks like something straight out from Arabian treasure box, how can one not love it?

5). Keihl’s Crème de Crops Gift Set


Keihl’s Crème de Crops is one of their best sellers since I know have memory. It is one of the lotions that’s truly design for all skin types — it is rich and moisturizing but never greasy or too heavy on the skin. They are great for all seasons and all ages, it’s one of those one-size-fits-all kind of deal for whoever your giving to. This year, the collection has a new Norman Rockwell limited edition packaging to celebrate the holidays. It’s perfectly cheerful, and make the gift set just a touch more special!

I love buying gifts and seeing people’s expression when they open the gifts, but as I shop for all these wonderful gifts that I love so much, I started to want to keep them all and give myself a very merry Christmas instead! Maybe I should buy two of everything, so I can keep a set for myself too when I give away the other one!! Happy shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!!