Holiday: Gifts that Keeps on Gifting – 5 DIY Gift Sets That Make DIY Easy

DIY Kits

Last year, it was all about the small-batch, homemade, handcrafted gifts that were taking all the spotlights in the holiday market. This year, not only that the trend is growing strong, but also slowly evolving into a DIY make-it-at-home trend that is spreading from the food industry to the cosmetics market. Alone with the all-natural trend, people nowadays are more aware of the ingredients in their daily product, they are also more knowledgeable and feel the need to have the transparency of the production process. Well, what’s more transparent than making things yourself? DIY is not just a great way to know what you’re putting into your favorite products, it also gives an indescribable satisfaction when you make something from scratch!

A growing number of small independent brands has been entering the market with “homemade DIY kits” for that include full equipment and step-by-step instruction to help customers to tap into this “maker” movement – I hopped on the trend with full excitement and made some Kombucha with a Home Brewing Kit last year, this year, I also brewed my first batch of beer with the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Kit – but this is just the beginning of the begining. Flipping through the holiday catalogs, all I see is more and more of these DIY kits in every category that are teaching and allowing us to make pretty much anything and everything from scratch. Here are some of my favorite picks, they are not just great for holiday gifts, they are great kits for me to get in touch with my domestic sides during the holidays, too!

1). W&P Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin Kit

Gin is always the preferred liquor for the mixologies and bartenders. It is known for it’s aromatic juniper-berry-infused flavor, and each brand usually have their secret special blend of herbs and spices that makes them unique and different from the others. Now you can also create your customize blend and make your own signature gin with this homemade gin kit. The Kit contains everything you need including two 375 mL-glass bottles, a stainless-steel funnel and strainer, a tin of juniper berries, a tin of botanicals, and a handy recipe and instruction card. Get your martini glasses ready, and start transforming your ordinary vodka to a one-of-a-kind gin cocktail.

2). Hella Craft Your Own Bitter Kit



This is also for the sophisticated cocktail lover! Who doesn’t love a good bitter that elevates the flavors of your bourbon concoctions? This kit features a selection of glassware, essential tools and tow different spice blends (Aromatic and Citrus), which makes it easy for you to brew a batch of homemade bitters and learn it for good!! And when you have your own small-batch bitters, all you need to do is add some booze, kick up your legs, sip and enjoy!

3). Boska Cheese and Butter Making Kits

Cheese Kit

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to find something that tastes better than a freshly made cheese or butter. Unless you live by a dairy farm, or else it is usually not that easy to find freshly made chees or butter in the regular markets. These cheese and butter making kits can be just the answer to solve that problem. Boska’s maker sets come in different options: Fresh goat cheese, herb butter and mozzarella! All you need is some fresh milk and buttermilk, and you’ll have some freshly made cheeses within two hours for your favorite dishes!!

4). The Original Bacon Kit


Another perfect homemade set for the epicureans! According to the website, until you’ve tried Bacon Kit, you’ve never tasted bacon as nature intended it. The kit contains everything you need to make 5 lbs of delicious homemade bacon. The only fresh ingredient you nee to purchase is pork belly. It’s that easy! Knowing that bacon is one of the must-have guilty pleasures in the world I live in, giving it as a gift can easily make me the most popular person in my circle…. but I can’t guarantee that I won’t be temped to end up keeping it to myself!

5). Silk + Honey by Sharonda Flynn


Finally, one homemade gift that’s not food or beverage related. Sharonda Flynn is a blogger who is devoted to all natural cosmetic and beauty products. She started experimenting with natural beauty for over eight years and taught herself how to make beauty solutions that truly work for her. She shared her beauty secrets with others on her blog and started to discover that people are really responding to her homemade remedies. Now she not only write about her experiences, she also provides kits – Shimmering Body Cream Starter Kit, Shea Butter Hair Mask Starter Kit, Anti-Aging Hand Cream, Natural Lip Gloss kit — that help people to make their own amazing skincare, and beauty products at home.

When somebody packed together all the ingredients you need and give you all the instructions, DIY doesn’t seem to be so complicated and intimidating anymore, does it? No wonder these kits are becoming so popular. Now, time to get some (or all) of the kits, and gets your hand dirty… time to get some homemaking business going!!