Beauty: Add A Little Magic In The Air– Obeah New York

Obeah 1

Partially because of my job, and partially because of my personal interests, I am always looking for new beauty brands in the market that are unique, creative or simply just inspire me. I play no favoritism — I love brands from everywhere around the world, especially small independent brands that haven’t been discovered yet by the rest of the world – but I do have a special place in my heart for brands from New York since that’s where I’m based and I love seeing awesome small brands make a name for themselves in this big massive city!

I came across the brand Obeah by an complete accident. I was shopping on Catbird’s ecommerce website, another adorable New York local boutique shop that carries a full assortment of I-don’t-need-but-will-still-buy-because-they-are-too-cute kind of things, and Obeah was one of their new addition to their boutique collection. I was instantly drawn to the chic black packaging with a simple white label on the apothecary style bottles. Before I figured out what the brand is all about, I already knew it’s a brand that I will like.

Obeah 2

So here is a little back ground about Obeah – Obeah is a line of fragrance for the home and body, all handmade in small batches with aromatics and botanicals sourced form the world and chosen for their merit. Each piece is the creation of perfumer Jonathan Steadman. Based in New York City, Obeah is rooted and inspired by the lore, superstition, and history of its creator’s birthplace, New Orleans. This line, “Born in New Orleans, made in New York”, is designed to beautify the air and elevate the spirit.

The ancient rituals and mystical spells in New Orleans always intrigue me, (the word Obeah is actually a term used in the West indies to refer to folk magic, religious practices), and now the creator of Obeah actually infused the spirit of these passed-down rituals from New Orleans into the fragrance line, it not just gives the brand a true character, but also gives the fragrances some true meanings and brings them alive.

Eau de la Fontaine

Obeah has its biggest collection in home fragrances– it has six room sprays and one linen spray in its collection. I picked the Eau de Fontaine as my impulse purchase when I first learned about the brand. Eau de Fontaine has a burst of orange blossom on top, as a spicy clove note slowly reveal its existence at the heart, and it dies down with a bright note of warm amber. It is clean, comforting, and it is also used for rituals for home protection. Who knew?! The other scents are just as great, as they are all beautifully balanced and are designed with a beautiful ritual and story behind the fragrances. They are all gender neutral as well, which gives it a little sexy twist to it!

Obeah Spell

For those who has a stronger curiosity of magic spells, there is a collection of potions that has just about every spell you can ask for – the Elixir for Love is to make way for love and instill sexual desire with the enchanting scent of botanicals and spices, Van Van Oil with purifying property to clean evil and change bad luck to good, and Potion for Plenty to bring an abundance of good fortune. They are all made in small batches and come in a limited edition of four at a time. Whether you can really make these spells work or not, you can sure make your home smell better with these perfectly blended scents!

La Sirene

The Bath Crystal is also a popular product that comes in a beautiful traditional apothecary jar. It is named after the enchantress of the sea, La Sirène, and it has the most alluring scent of roses. Who needs magic when you can just soak your body in a rose infused salt bath after a long day? If you are looking for something extra special and personal, custom scents are available by appointment, and the creator will make you something that’s nobody else can find in the store.


Perfume has a magical allure, and Obeah is here to cast a spell on your heart and home, whether you believe in magic or not! Give it a try, at least your room will be smelling good!