Fashion: Marbelous Necklaces – Marbles Made for Adults by Kids


After a long (and when I say long, I mean really long) winter, and a few weeks of unpredictable hot and cold intervals,, Spring is finally here to stay. What a refreshing feeling to leave the house with just a few light layers and not completely bundle up from head to toe. Every spring when I finally switch over to the spring outfits, I always get excited about the accessories. Not that I don’t wear accessories during winter, but I just love it when I can just focus on the accessories without having to worry about balancing them with the hats and scarfs, and the rest of the endless layers. This is the season when accessories get to shine and have the spotlight, and this is when I usually crave for a few new pieces of something special.

I have been doing a lot of digging to find all the best Made in New York beauty brands, and I accidently saw these cute necklaces that are not just made in New York, but also have an adorable story behind the brand.


Marbelous is a jewelry company created by two 8-year-olds (and their mothers) Tess and Lutece. The two families moved next door to each other in Park Slope in 2006, and the two girls soon became best friends, and so did their mothers. As best friends, Tess and Lutece have a few things in common — they happen to be born in the same year and time, they also share the same creative spirit and ambition.


The two girls like to get together to play marbles, they soon developed their own special technique and started to make handmade marble beads give them to their moms and presents. As the marbles are made by hand individually, each marble is unique and has a pattern of its own, they are not just fun and pretty on its own, they make the prefect little fashion statement as an accessory as well. As they thought they would share this pretty marble bead idea with a bigger audience, Tess and Lutece (with a lot of help from the mothers), started a marble-necklace company with just the perfect name, Marbelous!


Marbelous necklaces’ design is very straightforward, each necklace is made with a bespoke marble with a plain silk cord thread through the center, but the finished products are simply eye-catching, the unique pattern gives a fashion statement with just the right touch of playfulness. The marble beads come in a wide range of colors – from vibrant brights like Lemonade and Sunset, to earthy shades like Terra and Cabernet. The necklaces come in a couple of different sizes too, and if you can’t decide which size to get like me, you can get both and layer them for an even-more-customized fashion statement.

These bespoke Marbelous necklaces first got the attention of Brooklyn boutique Diane Kane, who began stocking their necklaces in June 2013. To their surprise, their marble collection sold out in less than a month. In the past two years, Marbelous has made a name for itself and expended into fashion-centric boutiques across the country and internationally.


As a typical New Yorker, most of my outfits are black, white or gray. I usually go with accessories in the same color theme as well, I like the Gray Matters, it is a swirl of different shades of grey with a mix of white in it.  It is sophisticated with a twist of fun energy, and it simply goes with just about every outfit and without overwhelming the whole look. They are great alone, but even better when they’re layered. It didn’t take long for me to cave in and bought a couple more colors to mix up the looks.

Of course, the two little girls are also selling these necklaces for a good cause — a percentage of each purchase goes toward Healing Autism, a nonprofit organization that places seeing-eye dogs in the homes of people with autism. According to the girls, “When we think of friendship we think of being a friend to the world.” I couldn’t agree more. I mean, come on, how can you resist these necklaces when they actually do good to the world, too?

Marbelous necklaces are still available at Diane Kane in Brooklyn if you’re interested in checking them out in person, if not, they are now available online as well:

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