Beauty: 6 Grooming Products to Share with (or Steal from) Your Man


As we all know, boyfriend jeans has been one of the major trends in fashion for the last few years, it has actually become more of a staple than a trend now. What’s not to love about boyfriend jeans – they are comfortable, sexy, and it adds a little edge to the look. That is not the only item I like to “borrow” from the men’s closet – men’s basic white button-down shirt is another hit, it look great on girls as a top or even a shirt-dress. Also, what’s can be more comfortable than wearing boyfriend’s big baggy t-shirt to bed?

Since most of us like the concept of “borrowing from the boyfriend” so much, why not extend the idea and take a peek into their bathroom cabinet and see what else we can “borrow” from them? With the rise of men’s grooming trend in the past two years, I am seeing a huge extension and improvement in men’s grooming products, and as much as they are usually packaged and marketed for men with macho names and manlier scents, most of the products, of course, are formulated for everyone to use! Recently, I not only catch myself shopping in the men’s section more often to look for the goodies that I don’t find in the women’s section, I also find myself loving some of the products so much that I buy two of everything, just so I don’t have to share with the men of the house and can keep a whole product to myself.

Here are some of my great finds from the men’s department:

1). Marc Jacob Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm

Marc Jacobs Lip Balm

Who says all men’s product has to be rough? This beautiful Marc Jacobs lip balm is exclusively for men, but is totally chic enough for all the girly girls. This lip balm is packed with exotic oils like Andiroba, Buriti, and Shea butter; and the minty flavor is deliciously refreshing and addictive. It also have broad spectrum SPF 18 that protects lips from harmful UV rays for those outdoorsy days – it is a product that will keep your (and your man’s) lips soft and hydrated – it is the ultimate makeout accessory to have at all times.

2). Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel


This is probably the very first product I’ve ever stolen from men. As the name suggests, this treatment gel is all it takes for you to wake up in the morning, no matter how late you went to bed the night before. This powerful, soothing face gel helps reduce puffiness and redness caused by inflammation, stress and fatigue. The gentle formula also deeply hydrates and rejuvenates skin instantly; it’s ideal for the days when your skin feels dull and tired and needs a picker-upper! Keep it in the refrigerator to maximize the cooling effect; nothing is more refreshing than this product in the morning.

3). Jack Black Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil

Jack Black

Men usually don’t like to spend as much time on grooming as women, with that in mind, a lot of men’s products are designed with multiple functions and can be used on both hair and skin to make the grooming process easier — This Nourishing Oil is one of them. This natural oil blend is super lightweight, absorbs quickly and is packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Men use it for face and beard, I use it as a face and hair oil to hydrate and soothe, and give myself a healthy dewy look. It’s a great product to pack for traveling, too!

4). Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion


The name of this product can be a little misleading – even though it is called a “post-shave” product, it is actually a really great facial moisturizer for men and women. It is marketed for “post-shave” because the formula is delicately light and gentle, which makes it perfect to soothe and calm irritation and aggravation caused by shaving, but it is also a great product for those with sensitive skin, or anyone that’s looking for a lightweight hydrating moisturizer. I also like the woody and warm aroma, it’s comforting and calming as the product itself.

5). Ursa Major Face Wipes

Ursa Major Face Wipes

These individually wrapped bamboo face wipes can’t be more convenient – it is infused with the brand’s best selling 4-1 Face Tonic – it cleanses and removes all the oil and grime without stripping skin of its moisture or throw off its pH balance, exfoliates as it dissolves dead skin cells and clears clogged pores, soothes away irritation and inflammation, and hydrates and firms without leaving any residue. Whether you take a hike in the mountain on the weekend or simple need a boost after a long day in the office, this is the perfect product to have to freshen up on the go. The refreshing scent of fir, orange and lavender adds a nice touch, too! Why don’t they have something so perfect designed for women?

6). Diptyque volutes Eau de Toilette


Diptyque fragrances are all designed as unisex fragrances, which makes them the perfect fragrances to share with the man in your life! This particular fragrance is formulated with blond tobacco, iris, honey, pepper and myrrh – it’s smoky, spicy, sweet and intoxicating. The smoky tobacco gives a sexy undertone on men, but it’s not over powering for women, and the sweetness of the honey gives it a subtle touch of softness – it’s unarguably exotic yet classy and elegant.

Little did I know that there would be a day that I’m enjoying men’s products than regular women’s products. Go take a stroll down the men’s department, you’ll be surprise what goodies you’ll find… and I’m sure your men would be happy to try those products with you, too.