Travel: A Taste of the Southern Local Flavors — Husk Nashville


I love traveling, and as much as I love going abroad to experience foreign cultures, I love traveling within the United States as well; there are not just the major cities full of characters but also countless quaint little towns in this country waiting for me to explore. I always wanted to visit Nashville – it is a city that’s known for its hall of fame country music, legendary Honky-tonks and popular dance halls – it sounds like a city where people seriously know how to have fun! This past weekend, my friend hosted her bachelorette party in Nashville, which provided me the perfect chance to visit the famous Music City.

Throughout the whole weekend, we did our fair share of music events and bar hopping, as expected in all bachelorette parties, but I was actually most excited that I got the opportunity to dine at some of the best restaurants in town as well– it would’ve been a mistake if I didn’t spend some time to check out the restaurant scene while I was there, they do know how to make good food down south!


One of the places that stand out from the bunch is Husk Restaurant. It is located just a few blocks south of the busy historic streets in Rutledge Hill. You can’t miss the restaurant as it is housed in a romantically beautiful (and also historic) brick mansion off the road.

Husk, the sibling of Charleston’s famed Husk (as if the name is not already giving it away), is an upscale Southern eatery led by James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock. The restaurant doesn’t just show their reinterpretation in southern cuisine, but also a true devotion to southern cuisine with regional ingredients only. At Husk, there are some serious rules about what can go on the plate – “if it doesn’t come fro the South, it’s not coming through the door,” as it is expressed by the chef. The resulting cuisine is not just a new definition of southern classics, but also a more modern approach to cook and eat in Nashville with a playful unexpected touch.

The menu at the restaurant is updated daily, as the fresh ingredients that are available from the in-house garden can be different from day to day, but no matter how they change the menu, all the items on the menu always look incredible and delicious. We started the meal with the Husk Charcuterie Plate, one of the signature dishes that cannot be missed, The Charcuterie plate is a filled with an assortment of cured meat, in-house picked vegetables and warm cheddar biscuits that are fresh out the oven. The light acidity of the pickles cuts right through the fatness of the meat but compliments the subtle smokiness at the same time – the flavors lingers on the tongue and make you salivate for more.

Charcuterie Plate

We also tried the Crispy Chicken Skin with White BBQ Sauce, it is just as memorable as the Charcuterie Plate – it is made with thinly cut chicken skin with the fat layer removed, lightly breaded and flash fried till it’s golden brown – it is crunchy yet surprisingly light on texture, each bite is a sinful burst of flavor in the mouth.


For the main course, I went for the Beef with Beef-fat Roasted Potato, Dilly Beans and Thyme Jus. The beef is juicy and tender as it can bet; the beef-fat roasted potato wins the game basically from being roasted in beef fat, it is deeply aromatic as it is, but with the thyme jus that comes with the dish, it adds another layer of flavor but doesn’t overwhelm the simplicity of the dish.


The interior of the restaurant is also cozy and pleasant. It is just like the dishes on the menu, which still retains a little old school antique charm from the building but with a modern minimalist update from the renovation. The ambiance is warm and friendly as a family restaurant, but it is also romantic enough as a date spot. Husk also has a historic carriage house that serves as a private dining and event space, which offers a more exclusive and customized dinning experience. For those with bigger group, this is a nice way to create a more intimate dinning experience.

Restaurant Interior

I always love finding restaurants that are innovative with the cuisine but stay true to the local flavors, Husk Restaurant definitely live up to it’s award-winning fame. Next time when you’re in Nashville, take a detour from the main streets and pay Husk a visit when you want to take a break from the music scenes, you will not be disappointed.

Husk Restaurant

Address: 37 Rutledge Street, Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: (615) 256-6565