Beauty: The Wake-Up Makeup that Helps You Fake a Full Night Sleep


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I like to think that I live my life to the fullest– I work hard, and I play hard – sometimes work can be overwhelming and the hours can be long, but I do enjoy my job; after work, there are always activities to attend in the city, if not, I simply enjoy meeting up with my friends and enjoy each other’s company. Whenever I have some time off, I travel around to widen my horizon. It’s nice that I get to do so much in life, but it’s not easy to check off everything on the to-do list and still have enough time left for rests.

As much as I love my eight hours of beauty sleep, I don’t always have the luxury to have it. It’s fairly often that I got carried away with all the activities I was doing and ended up sacrificing my precious sleeping time. The result? A very tired looking me tried to make it through the day with the help of a few extra large coffees.

In order to make myself presentable for the world when I don’t get my sleep enough, I turn to makeup to do the magic and make me look like I’m up and awake, like how I’m supposed to be. Here are some makeup products that guarantee to wake up your look when you need it:

1). Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Treatment Gel

Anthony for Men

This is an amazing product to steal from the men’s department; it is the ultimate product to wake up your skin no matter how tired you feel. When we don’t get enough sleep, our skin tends to become dull and irritated from dehydration, stress and fatigue. This treatment gel is designed to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin; it also reduces puffiness and bring back that refreshed, luminous complexion. The formula is powerful but feels light and gentle on the skin, and the tingly feeling gives an extra kick to wake you up!

2). Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam / High Beam Liquid Face Highlighter

Benefit Highlighter

A good illuminator is the easiest quick fix for the dullness of tired skin when you don’t get to get enough sleep. These are my go-to highlighters of all time; I go back and forth between the two depending on the season. They are great product to dab it along the cheekbones and brow bones for a daily natural glow, but when I’m tired and feel desperate for an extra boost in the morning, I blend a couple drops of these highlighter into my regular tinted moisturizer to add a touch of radiance over the whole face. You’d be surprise how a little glow can wake up your whole complexion.

3). Clinique Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Clinique Eye Gel

We all know that the dark-circle panda look is the universal sign of a sleepless night, it gives away the tiredness and sometimes it even makes us look older. This product is an instant picker-upper — The cooling rollerball gel gives the under eye area a gentle massage and provides quick-absorbing hydration and revitalization that help combats puffiness and dark circles. Put them in the fridge for a few minutes for an extra cooling effect, it will sure wake you up!

4). Dior Fix It 2-In-1 Prime & Conceal

Dior Fix it

Minimizing the dark circles and puffiness just the first step of the two to wake up your eyes, a concealer will help you complete the rest of the work. This product is a skin perfector that helps minimize pore or fine lines and corrects pigment imperfections for a flawlessly even complexion. Apply it around the eyes, it helps brighten the dark circle area and smoothens skin texture for a more rested look.

5). Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

Makeup Forever Aqua eyes

Still feeling all sleepy-eyed? Here is a subtle way to make your eyes look instantly bigger. Rim your bottom waterline with a nude pencil liner, it helps neutralizes any dreaded redness in your eyes; it also helps to open the eyes and make them look bigger and more awake. I like this eyeliner in Champagne for an extra golden hue and a little spark.

6). Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Dior Show Iconic

Just in case you don’t already think mascara is one of the best inventions ever, here is another reason for you. Straight or short lashes can make eyes look smaller and less polished, and a polished look is the one of the quickest way for one to look energized and awake. Try this Dior curling mascara, the super black color brings out the whites of your eyes, and the curling effect widens up your whole eye area!

7). Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Cream Oil

Josie Maran Creamy Oil

Little kids always have the prettiest rosy cheeks when they wake up from a long nap, because they are fully rested and are beaming with energy. For adult to get the same rosy look, try a cream blush that blends right into the skin to create that natural glow. I love this cream oil in Medium Pink – it gives a sheer pop of color that’s dewy and it is flattering on every skin tone!

8). Lipstick Queen Saint 10 Percent Pigment

Lipstick Queen

It takes just a hint of color on the lips to transform your face from just-roll-out-of-bed-unwillingly to I-wake-up-like-this-glam; and this hint of color should never be anything too dark or too bright – it would only look like you put on your makeup in a hurry and didn’t have time to pick the color. It is the best to opt for a hue that’s just a few shades rosier than your natural lip color to compliment your natural complexion. I love this line of Lipstick Queen lipsticks, it’s sheer with just the right amount of pigment for the color impact, and it has a light sheen but not too shiny or glossy!

Of course, as much as I can use makeup products to fake a wake-up look whenever I need it, I will always choose to have a full night of zzzz’s if I can! Don’t ever underestimated the importance of sleep, it’s good for your health…… I don’t want to nag, but no makeup can do wonder on you if you lose your health!!

Time to go to bed now!