Beauty: 4 Products for the Mid-Day Refreshing Quick Fix

Quick Fix Cover

Another beautiful day in New york City – no clouds in the sky as the sun shining high – can’t be more thankful for the extended warmth we are getting this season, we get to explore more summer fun outdoors that we didn’t get to have enough for the past two years. I savor this warm weather more than ever this year, maybe it’s because I finally get to spend a lot of time outdoors, or maybe it’s simply because I was just so fed up with the cold this past winter, which makes this heat seems like a precious gift from the universe.

No matter how much I’m enjoying this unusually warm weather, it’s always a challenge to deal with the high temperature while looking breezy and refreshed at all times – sometimes that sweat just come down uncontrollably, not matter if it messes up the perfectly-done makeup or not, a glistening face or any trace of sweat is never a fashionable look. Sometimes it doesn’t have anything to do with the weather, the face just decided to become the shiniest object with all the excess oil for no reason…..I’m sure I’m not the only one with such experiences…. And that’s why we all need that mid-day refreshing session to give our makeup a quick little touch up and keep everything in check.

Here are some of the items I like to keep it in my purse with the rest of my makeup, they help me bounce back to the freshly-done-makeup-look even when I’m on the go:

1). Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Blotting Sheets

Tatcha blotting Paper

Blotting sheets is one of the most underrated beauty items in this market, it is such a great product to have in the purse and it comes in handy more often than you think. Blotting sheets are great if you have combination to oily skin, it absorbs the excess oil on the surface of the face without messing up the makeup and keep your face looks cleaner and fresher in just a few dabs. It is also great for lip color retouch – use an lip pencil to give the lips a defined shape, then filled in with the desired lip color with lipstick of your choice. Take a blotting sheet and pressed gently on the lips to take off the excess products, it will help create a cleaner finished look and allow the makeup last longer. I love these Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Blotting Sheets, they are all natural with delicate texture; they take off all the excess oil without stealing any moisture form the skin.

2). Caudalie Beauty Elixir


This is the ultimate picker-upper must-haves in my makeup bag. This elixir is a part-toner and part-serum mist with essential oils and plant active ingredients. A couple sprits of it can instantly hydrate and cool off the tired mid-day skin; the uplifting scent form the essential oil also gives a burst of energy that wakes up the mind as it restores the natural radiance on the face.

3). Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal

 Dior Fix it

What’s not to love about multi-functional products? They are the best for people who are always on the go. I love this concealing stick, the texture is smooth and creamy, which makes it easy to apply, and it blends right into the skin while it provides a little coverage. I use it in the morning to even out my skin tone before putting on makeup, and during the day, I use it as a spot treatment to fix up the places that needs a little extra attention. It melts right into the existing makeup flawlessly, nobody will ever notice that I just did a little secret touch up!

4).   Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Magical Rosebud

 Lipstick Queen

Sometimes lipstick is all it takes to freshen up the look for the whole face! I little color on the lips can brighten up one’s complexion and inject a burst of energy. I love this lipstick from Lipstick Queen – it not only have the cutest name with the funkiest green appearance, it also has the most flattering rose color that fits every skin tone and whatever makeup I’m wearing. The lipstick has a semi-sheer finish, it gives a pop of color while giving a natural undertone, and the creamy texture keeps the lips soft and hydrated.

Some people take a nap to feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day, some people turn to beauty products to get the same result. Personally, I would like to have a long nap, and get a quick fix from some products… though the nap is not always allowed in the daily schedule. Worst case scenario? I know I can always count on these products.