Beauty: Beauty Products that Keep Your Skin Dewy through the Season Change


Fall is my favorite season of the year. Whether it’s the perfect temperature that makes it so enjoyable indoors and outdoors, or the harvesting atmosphere in the air that makes everyone satisfied and cheerful – fall makes me happy.

Just when I was still enjoying the beautiful fall weather, the cold winter air started to sneak in once in a while. It’s nothing extreme or unbearable yet, but I can already see the dryness of the air started to affect me – my hands started to feel a little parched after each wash, the statics in the air started to make my hair stands up after a blow dry. Most people are more aware of the dry condition and take better care of their skin in the heart of winter, but it is just as important to take care of our skin during the season change. As the weather alternate between warm and cold temperatures and the humidity goes down, it is easy for skin to get dehydrated without knowing it. In order to prevent this problem and prepare our skin for the even-harsher weather ahead, it’s very important to keep up with a skincare routine that keeps skin hydrated and happy.

A dewy appearance is usually a good indication of a nicely hydrated skin; it is somehow a very “spring/summer” look in this country, but thanks to the Korean beauty trend that has been all the rage recently, the dewy look has become not just acceptable but desirable year round. The key to keep skin dewy and bouncy is to keep the hydration level in check. It is very common that people confused “hydration level” and oily/dry skin type —dry, oily, combo or normal skin is a skin type that everyone has, it can be genetic or from hormonal balance, yet hydration level is something that can be affected by environment or daily health routines. For example, a person can have oily skin type, but the skin can be dehydrated from the weather at the same time, it is two different issues that should be address differently but both be taken care of with the proper skincare product and routine.

Whatever skin type you have, here are some products that I find very helpful to keep the skin perfectly hydrated and dewy though the season change:

1). Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner



Toner is always a popular beauty product in Asia, but it is somewhat underrated in the U.S market. In my opinion, using toner is an important step in the daily skincare routine – it helps put back the moisture after the washing process and prepares skin for the following hydrating products. I love this toner from Aesop, it has natural anti-oxidant that provides a little protection as it soothes the freshly cleaned skin, and it soothes and evens the appearance of skin without causing any irritation.

2). Swisspers Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

Cotton Pad 2

Toners can be applied by dabbing or splashing on the skin directly, or with a cotton pad as a carrier – and I strongly prefer using cotton pad, and not just any cotton pad, I love these Exfoliating Cotton Pads. These cotton pads come in two difference surfaces – one side is the regular textured surface, the other side is studded for extra exfoliating effect. With a splash of toner, this cotton pad helps gently buff away the dead cells on the skin surface as a second cleaning process. It feel like a little massage that helps generate new cells, which is a key to dewy looking skin, it also helps maximize the absorbance of the toner.

3). Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Plus



We don’t all born with uniform, even-colored skin – sun spots, freckles, acne scars or age spots, they come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s hard to keep them under control. In order to create a dewy looking skin, it is important to keep skin as even-toned as possible. Without doing laser treatment, this is one of the spot treatments that really show results as it reduces the intensity of discoloration and lighten the skin with a healthy glow.

4). Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré



I found out about this product because it’s a must-have product for makeup artists, models and celebrities, and now I’m a true believer as well. It is a velvety moisturizer with a simple yet effective formula – it glides on lightly and is absorbed instantly without any greasy residue. With the help of aloe vera, it gives a boost to tired and dehydrated skin and restores its natural glow. This is THE perfect product to layer under any makeup to give that subtle dewy look without adding any burden to the skin.

5). Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


I use Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre for the morning dewy-ness, at night, I turn to this Sleeping Mask. Most super nourishing powerhouse night moisturizers are thick and creamy, which are great for dry skin, but they are not necessary the right answer when it comes to dehydrated skin. This sleeping mask is a gel based formula with highly concentrated ionized mineral water and ceramides, it delivers intensive doses of moisture to stressed and parched skin directly and brightens up the most fatigued skin. Put a thick layer on before bed, you’re guaranteed to wake up with some glowing and dewy skin.

6). Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask


A good facial is definitely helpful when it comes to healthy, hydrated skin – and thanks to the creation of sheet masks, getting facial done at home has become way easier these days. This particular mask is not your regular cotton sheet mask, this is a Hydrogel mask that locks in moisture and allows hydrating actives to penetrate at levels two-times greater than a regular moisturizer. It is super hydrating and restores the elasticity and dewiness back to the skin just in one use. I like to use it when I have a rough night before, or weekly just to keep my hydration level in check.

Of course, a true dewy skin has to come from a healthy lifestyle and let it glow from the inside out. Always remember to drink a lot of water, get your hearty dose of fruits and vegetables, and a good night sleep…. When all of the above fails, then you can turn to the skincare products and fake it till you make it!