Beauty: The Underrated Beauty Ritual – Take a Bath and Make a Splash


The city has been gray and rainy in the past few days- the sky is low and the air is chilly and damp. Even though the temperature is not intolerable, I constantly feel cold, and my mind is just as gloomy as the weather. This is usually the time of the year that I feel a little fed up with the season, not necessarily feeling depressed, but I just crave for some warmth and need some picker-upper till the spring weather comes.

It’d be nice to take a tropical vacation, but the reality doesn’t always allow that. The next best thing that I can sneak in without breaking the bank? Take a bath! It might sound like a far fetch from a sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand, but taking a bath does do wonders to the body and soul. Taking a bath is one of the most underrated beauty rituals in the modern lifestyle – especially in a city like New York, most people take quick showers instead and move on to the next task in life. Not that I don’t love my showers, but taking a bath does have a few more beauty benefits that we can use once in a while.

Whenever I have a long day and feel tired, nothing relax the mind better than a proper hot bath, and the warm water relaxes my muscles and release the tensions from my body. A nice bath also offers the perfect time to get away from all the technology devices and just let my mind flow free and wander. How often do you get a true alone-time just for yourself like this? The warm bath water also warms up the whole body and increase circulation, which not only helps one to kick the chills in a cold day, but also help stimulate the blood flow gently and promotes detoxing in our body. Once you get your blood flowing, not only that you’ll tend to have a natural rosy cheek more often, it will help all the beauty rituals more efficient after the bath. If that’s not enough to convince you, taking a bath also help you fall asleep and increases quality of sleep after a long hard day.

Here are some of my favorite bath products that help me enhance the bathing experience over the years:

  1. Diptyque Precious Oils for Body and Bath


Why soak in plain water when you can add a little bath oil to make the most out of a bath? A dropper or tow of this luxe oil is all it takes to turn my bath into a hydrating pool of tranquility. With a wonderful blend of sweet almond, argan, and macadamia oil, the bath oil leaves skin satin smooth as you towel dry after the bath. The floral Florentine Iris fragrance is exquisite yet not too feminine, it’s a great bath oil that makes you feel nourished and pampered to the max.

  1. Obeah La Sirene Mineral Soak

La Sirene.jpg

It is hard not to fall in love with bath soaks, as they are usually a combo of essential oils, bath salts and/or other therapeutic botanicals. I love this Obeah Mineral soak that’s named after the enchantress of the sea. It contains three rose oils (Damask Rose, White Rose of York and Bourbon Rose), and Geranium and Rosewood that creates the most restorative atmosphere for a calming bath, while the rose bud and black tea accelerate skin regenratoin.

  1. Royal Botanicals Rose Geranium Bath Soak


If you’re looking for an all-in-one product, look no further than this revitalizing mix of Dead Sea Salts and organic essential oils of the “flower of constancy.” Just add 2 to 3 tablespoon of this bath soak as you prepare your bath water, you’d be pleased to see what a uplifting and balancing bath you get. Besides, how can you not love this Victorian-inspired amber glass bottle? It makes the bathroom look that much prettier, don’t you think?

  1. Dr. Singha Mustard Bath

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.56.18 PM.png

Bath is naturally relaxing and detoxing, but if you are looking for an extra boost, try Dr. Singha Mustard Bath. This bath soak is renowned for its stimulating, rejuvenating and cleansing qualities; with rosemary, eucalyptus, wintergreen and thyme essential oils, it not only helps open pores and detoxify the body, but also create the most therapeutic treatment you can get at home.

  1. Tokyo Milk Eiffel Tower Bubble Bath

Tokyo Milk.jpg

Who says bubble bath is just for kids? Bubble bath is one of the most mood-lifting experiences that can be created easily at home with no particular advance planning involves. I love this Eiffel Tower Bubble Bath from Tokyo Milk – it not only has the beautiful scent of mandarin, tuberose and gardenia, it also has the iconic image of Eiffel Tower at the back of the bottle to bring your mind to Paris as you soap in the could of pearly bubbles.

  1. This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil

This Works.jpg

As if taking a bath itself is not relaxing enough to put you to sleep, this bath oil is the ultimate nighttime indulgence. With a special blend of lavender, chamomile and vetiver, just a few drops of this bath oil can help you melt away your physical exhaustion while it sooth your mind.

In this time and day, we don’t usually have the chance to make time to truly relax and have a peaceful moment to ourselves, taking a bath is such a wonderful treat that you can give yourself without even leaving the house, and it doesn’t require a lot of planning or spending. Go take a warm bath now, you’ll thank yourself for doing that!