Beauty: Subtle Colorful Hues that Cure Your Winter Blues

Color Hues.jpg

As a typical New Yorker, black is my go-to color, it’s not hard to find me in black from head to toe, since it is the easiest and safest way to stay chic and stay in style without too much effort. If I want to brighten up the mood, I add some white into the mix, and maybe some gray in different shades to be playful. I love the monotone looks and it’s been working for me for years. When it comes to makeup, as much as I experiment with beauty products constantly, I like to keep it simple, too! On a daily basis, I add some colors to enhance my feature, so I look more energized and presentable. That’s the extend of my everyday color story.

Recently because of the projects I’ve been working on, I work with quite a lot of Brazilians. One thing I notice and learn from my Brazilian colleges is that they love colors, actually, they not just love colors, they embrace color boldly and never afraid to express different palettes through fashion and makeup. I feel inspired by them, not that I will ditch my beloved black and start wearing bright colorful outfits instantly, but they do inspire me to add a little more colors to my everyday makeup. I believe in small progresses, and I also believe that a couple subtle touches of color is all it takes to brighten up the look. Here are some of my ways of adding color hues to cheer up my black-and-white mood:

  1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Midnight Blue


Eye area, in my opinion, is the easiest area to play with colorful hues, but if you’re not a makeup artist, it is not easy to apply new colors freely without ending up looking like a clown. Blue eyeliner is always an easy choice for me when I want to explore a little without going too far. There are several amazing shades in this Marc Jacob collection that I switch around from time to time. I often use this Midnight Blue to replace my black eye liners for the usual winged eye. The subtle color hue brings out any eye color and brightens up the whole makeup. Remember the blue mascara trend back in the 90’s? It has the same effect but updated. If I want to go bolder, I use the color Light Sky Blue Pearl to line the base of the lash line, it gives a playful touch without losing the classiness.

  1. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Compact in Sun Touched


I usually use a soft rosy blush to bring a pink flush to the cheeks, it gives a little warmth to my complexion and makes me look more alive (and awake). It is surprising how switching to a brighter blush color can brighten up a simple makeup and bring out a cheerful energy. I love this Kjaer Weis blush in Sun Touched, it is a rich coral with more of an orange tone than the usual rosy pink. It provides vibrant look on the cheeks without feeling too unnatural, and it has the effect of “catching the glow of the morning sun”. Just remember the rule of less is more, a thin layer on the top of the cheekbone will do the trick.

  1. RMS Beauty Master Mixer


This is not exactly a pop of color; it is more like a pop of magic. This universally flattering rose-gold cream can be used alone as a luminizer, layered on top of your color cosmetics, or even mixed right it. It brightens up everything it comes into contact with and gives a sheen of golden hue. It is not a glitter nor is it shimmery, it gives a boost of color to any complexion with just a subtle touch of metallic. It is the most brilliant way of adding color without actually adding color.

  1. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks


Bold lip colors are so daring and fun, but it can also be so intimidating for anyone like me that doesn’t wear them often. Occasionally I would put on a classic red if I’m in the mood, but just like blushes, I wear mostly rosy tones that enhance my natural color. Recently Bite Beauty came out with a new collection Amuse Bouche – it’s a collection of high-impact lipsticks in dimensional shades that are creamy, soft yet long lasting and moisturizing. Besides all the beautiful rosy colors that I cant’ get enough of, I like the Persimmon (intense Red-Orange) and Gin Fizz (Orchid Pink). Persimmon has a gorgeous orange hue that tones down the intense red base, but still keep the color vibrant and bright on any complexion; the Gin Fizz has a light purple undertone that balances with the bright pink, it’s like bold and playful yet not intimidating at all.

  1. Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer


If you really can’t bear the thought of adding bolder colors on your face, nail polish is always a fun way to add colors to your daily wardrobe. This Dior nail color collection is one of my favorites – it has a get-effect finish that’s glossy and smooth, and the colors are vibrant and intense. No matter what color you chose, you won’t look like you’re borrowing nail polishes from your 12-year-old niece.

If you feel that you’re stuck in a rut and living in a wardrobe that’s full of black and white (and all shades of gray in between), give these subtle colors a try, (just don’t try all of them at once)….you’ll be surprised how big an difference these little changes can make.

Happy Spring, everyone!