Beauty: 6 High Performance, Low Maintenance Products that Keep You Glam on the Go


I always like to plan a little getaway this time of the year in Spring, preferably somewhere warm by the ocean, just to take a break from the unsettling weather.

This year, I decided to join a sailing cruise for a week of island hopping in the Mediterranean Sea from Malta to Italy and then Greece – this way, I will be able to enjoy a salty marina life on the ocean, get pampered on the cruise, and explore the beautiful island towns all at once.

Planning a vacation is always exciting, but packing the beauty products for the trip can sometimes be tricky – It is important to keep up with the appearance and look good, while it is also important to keep it casual and still fit into the relaxing vacation vibe – in other words, I need products that have high performance yet low maintenance, because it is after all a vacation…. No time should be spent on worrying about the makeup.

I have a good collection of my favorite products that I can always count on for my everyday city life, but as I’m going to be on-the-go, I need to pick the super stars of the bunch to take with me on the trip as I try to keep my makeup routine as simple as possible. Here are the products that make the list:

  1. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Cream SPF 30



Foundation is always a crucial step in makeup; it helps evens out the skin tone and creates the perfect canvas for the rest of the makeup application. When on vacation, I never feel like putting on a full face of foundation; I usually apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer instead. Recently, I discovered this BB Cream from Guerlain and it is a game changer. This is a multi-tasking super star, it not only hydrates and preps skin like a moisturizer, it color corrects and provides a beautiful coverage like a foundation in the lightest possible way. It melts right into the skin and leaves just a hint of glow with a semi-matte finish, and it feels so fresh and lightweight that you will forget that it has SPF 30 in the formula. This BB Cream is almost like Photoshop in a tube, it only takes just a thin layer to do wonders! It even covers up my major raccoon-eye tan line from wearing sunglasses in the sun.

  1. Glossier Boy Brow



Nicely groomed eyebrows can change the way the whole makeup appears more than we think – it takes a little work to achieve that, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs a lot of products to achieve the job. This Glossier Boy Brow is a perfect all-in-one product that does it all especially when you’re on the road. It has a creamy wax formula that feels like a traditional men’s hair pomade, it holds hair in place yet doesn’t have that stiff texture; it also has a sheer pigment that fills in the brows and give it a natural look. The tiny brush allows precise application that makes the whole process easy and fast! Just give it a few stroke in the morning, and the brows are fluffed, filled and shaped!

  1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara


Mascaras are always one of my must-haves wherever I go, and it’s important for me to have one with high performance that is also fuss-free. I absolutely love this particular mascara from Marc Jacobs, it claims to deliver epic lashes and they weren’t kidding. The brush has a perfect curve that makes it easy to get to every corner as it lift the lashes; the color pigment is also deep and intense that gives volume and creates maximum visual impact. Just a few strokes, you’ll have big alluring lashes that opens up your whole look wherever you travel to!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury “Filmstar Bronze & Glow” Face Sculpt & Highlight


Charlotte Tilbury is a cosmetic brand that has quickly become my new obsession, and this particular bronzer/highlighter is one of my must-have-can’t-live-without products.  This golden compact has the perfect tones that are universally flattering and deliver the most natural result. The Highlight illuminates the top of cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone with just enough glow; the Sculpt provides a refined gold base that slims and defines the cheeks and jaw lines subtly. It lights up the whole face and gives it more structure effortlessly. With this compact, you really don’t need a lot more to look glam!

  1. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue


Whenever I’m traveling, especially on the boat doing island hopping, putting on lipstick is not my first priority, but I still like to have a little color to feel more polished. This Lip Rescue is a great combo of lip blame and lip tint! It is a creamy lip balm infused with antioxidant and vitamin, it provides protection from the environment and restores moisture while keeping lips pillowy soft. The subtle tint of color (in 4 different shades) brightens up any everyday makeup, and the dewy finish adds an extra radiant touch.

  1. June Jacobs Healing Cream


Its hard to predict how our skin react to the change of environment and weather during travel, it is important to keep it protected and hydrated at all times – this June Jacobs healing cream is a great product to have on the road. It contains high performance actives like allantoin and dimethicone which provide long lasting protection and barrier to help lock in moisture and nutrients. Powerful plant extracts and Shea butter nourish and rejuvenate the skin for smooth and improved texture. This healing cream is gentle and effective, and it’s not greasy at all that you can use it on face and body – if that’s not low maintenance, I don’t know what is?

It’s important to keep up with the appearance no matter where we travel to, and it doesn’t mean we have to pack up our whole bathroom of products to achieve that. With the right selections of high-performing products, we can all stay glam on the go effortlessly. Also, remember to keep up with the water intake…. No product can help you look good from a parched body!

Bon voyage!