Beauty: 5 Beauty Products that Give You the Beach-y Vibe Without Actually Going to the Beach


Summer heat can be brutal, especially in the city where traffic exhaust traps between sky scrapping buildings, and natural breeze is practically an urban legend. That’s no wonder everyone wants to escape the city during the weekends – and of all places outside of the city, anywhere with beaches is always the top choices for most people. It’s not hard to understand why, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some quality time with salty sea breeze, sand between the toes and a refreshing dip in the ocean?

I love a proper beach session myself. I love it partially because the view of the endless sea makes me feel zen, and the sound of the ocean brings me inner peace; but I also love the beach because everyone seems to look nicer and sexier after a visit to the beach. I am sure we all look better simply because we feel more relaxed from the beach, but there are also some elements that give the “beacchy look” its characteristics we love – the salted wavy hair, the sun-kissed golden tan, and healthy glow on the skin from the fresh outdoor air.

As much as we love the way we look (and feel) after visiting the beach, in real life, we don’t always get to go to the beach as often as we want. To solve this major first world problem, I have found some great products to help me fake a good “after a day at the beach” vibe till my next beach visit:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow


Usually after a day at the beach, I’d get a fair amount of sun that gives me a little golden bronze on the face and some pink flush on the cheeks. It probably is the most natural “sculpting” one can get from mother nature. I love this Charlotte Tilbury face sculpt / highlight compact -The bronzer is a harmonized blend of pearl and pigment to mimic a sun-kissed complexion, while the peach powder captures the light for a radiant and luminous complexion. It blends smoothly into the skin and brightens up the face with a touch of warmth; it’s practically just as good as spending a day at the beach without the sand and seashells.

  1. Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara


Not that going to the beach makes your lashes glossier, but glossy lashes does somehow makes you look like you had an awesome day splashing in the waves. This Clinique mascara has a gel-based formula – it lengthens and defines lashes, it also gives a glossy yet natural-looking finish, as if you just had a good swim in the ocean!

  1. SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist


One of the most recognizable sexy beach beauty features is the wavy hair from the ocean air. SACHAJUAN’s Ocean Mist is one of my favorite beach sprays, it is lightly scented and gives you perfectly tousled beach waves plus texture and volume, just like what you’d have after a day of sun and surf.

  1. Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish


A beautiful golden tan is the ultimate goal for a day in the sun for most of us, but even on the most pristine beach day, it is not that easy to perfect the tan without getting any tan line or risking some sun damage. I can’t be happier that Vita LIberata came out with this perfect cream to create that beautiful a-day-the-beach glow from head to toe. This tinted formula glides on smoothly to give a natural looking glow and add radiance to lift the skintone. It “blurs” imperfection and reflects light to make your skin look flawless from every angel. It practically is a dose of healthy sunshine in a bottle.

  1. Maison Margiela “Relica” Beach Walk Eau de Toilette


The right scent can bring back more memories than we think; sometimes we just need to let a fragrance transport us to the memory of an afternoon stroll along the ocean. This fragrance combines fresh and radiant notes of berfamot, coconut milk, lemon and delicate musk to evoke the familiar memory of rays of heat from the sun, sand on the skin, and a taste of salt and sunscreen. It captures the exact carefree bliss of a summer day in a bottle.

Summer is not over yet, if you haven’t gone to the beach yet, don’t miss your chance to do so…. If you have been spending quality beach time, good for you, and don’t miss your chance to squeeze in a couple more before the season ends. And if all things fails, at least you’ll have these products to help you get in the vibe till next summer.