Beauty: Sneaky Makeup Touches for a Subtle Fairytale Halloween Looks


(Image via YouTube)

Halloween is right around the corner, scrolling through all my emails and social media feeds, it’s all about costume ideas and spooky makeup inspirations. Since the actual Halloween is on Monday, most people are having their Halloween related festivities during this weekend, on the day of the Halloween, it doesn’t seem like there would be much activities left behind.

I like to dress to the nines with whatever character I decide to be for all the Halloween parties, but I do also like to keep the playful mindset going on the actual Halloween day even if it’s a workday – it doesn’t have to be a full costume, after all, it’s not necessarily appropriate or professional in most work places, but I do like to add a little something different to bring a bit of my Halloween-obsessed-self to work. Here are some of the most trending costume ideas that are taken down a notch, they can all be achieve with just a couple makeup products (most of them you probably already have in your makeup bag), and don’t require any professional skills like a make-up artist to achieve the look:

  1. Add A Little Gold Dusk and Bring Snapchat Filter to Real Life


Snapchat filter is one of my favorite inventions on social media. Who doesn’t like to pop out the tongue like an adorable puppy, or vomit rainbow as the eyes sparkle? As much as those crazy ones are fun to play with, the most popular filters for most people are still the flower-crown and the butterfly ones that beautify our skin and make everyone look like some fairyland goddess. This is an easy one to recreate in a subtle way for work, and still look absolutely appropriate and professional. Prepare the whole face like how it’s prepped for everyday makeup; to create the glowy base, I use Guerlain Météorites baby Glow Sheer Liquid Foundation for a fresh radiant finish. I put on a very light smoky eye to enhance my features, and with a blending brush, I apply a thin layer of Metallic Gold eye shadow (I use Make Up For Every Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush) all over my crease. And beyond the usual face contouring, I dust a generous layer of golden illuminating powder all over the face (I like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone) to create that golden goddess look. It’s a great makeup that has just the right amount of glam like the filter without the animation effect!

  1. Shine Like a Unicorn


I have an obsession with unicorn since I was little, and I am still fascinated with anything that’s related to unicorn. Recent years, unicorn-related themes definitely has came back as a big trend, and here is what I do to feel like a unicorn without having rainbow hair or cover myself in fairly dust. Again, prepare skin with moisturizer and prep with glowy foundation of your choice. Instead of setting the foundation with a regular setting powder, I use Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder to give the whole face an illuminating finish. On the high points of the face, I emphasize the “strobe effect” even more with Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator for a mist-like radiance. To top of the mystical unicorn look in broad day light, I use Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Distortion at the very base of my lashes, because obviously, unicorns have sparkly shimmery eyes, right?

  1. Go Aqua Tone and Be a Mermaid


I’m sure I am not the only girl that dreams to be a mermaid when I’m not dreaming about having a unicorn. Mermaid is another hot look for Halloween these years, on the days I want to release my inner mermaid but cant’ put on my fins and swim in the ocean, I use a little aqua eye colors to get the satisfaction: instead of a regular winged-liner look, I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Evidence (Deep Navy blue Shimmer) to create a subtle winged line on the upper lash line, and over the crease, I use Loaded (Deep Metallic Emerald) also from Urban Decay to create a subtle V at the outer corner and blend the edges smooth. Instead of contouring, I use Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Rainbow Highlighter to give my cheekbone a subtle rainbow-hued iridescent finish.

These are just some playful ideas to sneak in a little fantasy alter-ego when you don’t’ get to do a full-blown costume, OR…. Don’t even wait for Halloween, just have some fun whenever you feel like it.