Travel: An Lam Saigon River Resort – the Oasis Outside of Ho-Chi Minh City in Vietnam


During the holiday season, my boyfriend and I made a trip out to Taiwan to spend some time with my family and revisit the familiar environment that I once knew so well.   Since we already flew all the way across the globe to Southeast Asia, we thought we’d take advantage of it and explore a couple new places as well. After a quick stay in Hong Kong, we had a five-day stay in Ho-Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Ho-Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam; it is also considered the most populous metropolitan area in Vietnam. Instead of staying at a hotel right in the busy center, we decided to find a place that’s a little outside of the city – that way we can experience the hopping city life in Vietnamese style, but also enjoy our peace and quietness since it is the end of our vacation – and that’s how we found An Lam Saigon River Resort.


Nestled under a shaded tropical canopy, An Lam Saigon River Resort is a 15-minutes boat ride (or 20-minute cab ride) from the city center. The resort is small but has a great intimate coziness. Instead of regular guest cottages, it has 19 individual and exclusive guest villas – each villa has its own private swimming pool and lush tropical garden, which is perfectly romantic for couples and/or homey enough for family-type visits.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.01.02 PM.png


Inside the spacious room in the villa, the slate-tiled bathroom (which matches the slate-tiled pool) is sensational with a mixture of modern design and traditional Vietnamese touch, the bedroom is also positioned for you to maximize the view of the marvelous garden. There’s an outdoor shower too, if you choose to actually shower in the garden. It’s hard not to feel completely relaxed when we could take a rain showers after a private morning swim, or wake up to the warm tropical air with bird chirping in the camellia trees right outside the window.


View of Private Pool from the Sitting Area


We arrived at the resort straight from the airport feeling exhausted, and we were immediately greeted by the friendly onsite staff and our personal butler, Ms Viet. I mean, I knew we booked a nice resort, but I didn’t realize we have a personal butler assigned just for us during our stay. She brought us a couple freshly made welcome cocktails, walked us through all the amenities in the villa and made a dinner reservation for us at the resort restaurant. Throughout our stay, Ms. Viet has been incredible helping us with our boat rides in and out of the resort, or cab rides to get around if we are doing tours elsewhere. She also gave us recommendations on places to go and made reservations whenever needed. It’s impressive how her service made our stay that much more relaxing and enjoyable. … I can totally get use to having a personal butler in life.


Ms. Viet Waiting for us with fresh beverages!

The resort has a beautiful restaurant onsite, which sits right on the river in the open air – it’s perfectly shaded by leafy old trees and situated to capture that warm breeze during the day and the sunset over the river before dusk. The restaurant menu features both traditional Vietnamese cuisine and western dishes. From fresh seafood papaya salad, vegetable summer rolls, Pho Bowls to sweet tapioca desserts, we were on a mission to try every Vietnamese dish on the menu, and they are all as authentic and delicious as they can be. We also tried to get as many fresh fruits and juices as we could, it’s hard not to turn down the abundant and vibrant fruits this tropical country has to offer.


Traditional Pho Bowl at the restaurant.


Morning Vietnamese Coffee with River View.

On the other side of the resort, there is also a public swimming pool and a spa with full treatments. We did spend some time at the pool to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but we didn’t try the blissful spa as we did all our massage treatments at local joints in the city instead (recommended by our Ms. Viet). We were as pampered as one could get at An Lam, we didn’t know what more we could’ve asked for during our stay.


If you have a chance to visit Ho-Chi Minh City in Vietnam, An Lam Saigon River Resort is definitely a great choice if we want to have easy access to the busy city center but want some tranquil moments to relax. It gives you just enough luxury touch with all the friendly vibe and homey casualness. Here’s the basic information of the resort:

Address: 21/4 Trung Village, Vinh Phu Ward. Thuan An, Vietnam