Travel: Hotel Proverbs & East End – One-Stop Indulgence in Taipei


(Image via official website)

During the holiday season, I took a trip to Taiwan for vacation, and for the first time, I took my longtime boyfriend with me to see my beautiful homeland. Taiwan, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated traveling destinations in Asia. It not only has beautiful landscape and some of the best cuisines in local markets, it also has a delicate blend of culture that infuses the ancient Chinese history and modern global influences. During this trip, we didn’t get to tackle the whole island, but we did spend a few good days in Taipei.


With one of the best metro systems in the world, it is easy enough to get around the whole city no matter where you stay. We choose Hotel Proverbs, which happens to be at a fairly central location in the fashionable East District, but it was the mysterious sexy style that captured our attention.

Hotel Proverbs is a stylish hotel that has a modern presence but with the intimacy of a boutique style charm. Don’t be fooled by the industrial exterior of the building designed by the renowned architect Ray Chen, it is the interior that instantly transport you into this sensational wonderland. With a hint of European influences, Hotel Proverbs utilizes different elements such as wood, leather or even copper to capture the essence of lavish living, yet still provide the homey feeling that depart from the usual hotel experience.

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There are 42 rooms in total in 5 different layouts – all the room started with a heavy duty copper door and an old-fashioned lock cover that needs to be swing open before you unlock the door with an also old-fashioned key – it’s such an small detail of the whole experience, but that’s what makes the hotel oddly sexy and unique. At this room we stayed at, the door opens right into the beautiful freestanding bathtub in the modern glass-divided bathroom. Continue into the living room area, which is furnished with a lived-in rug over rich wood floor, traditional leather armchair and a side shelf for personal items, it is simply straightforward yet stylishly cozy. The bed sits in the corner with a leather headboard and a low hanging chandelier, which adds another lush sensation without intimidating the simplicity. It is the carefully selected detail that gives the room that sensational quality but also practical and comfortable at the same time – I’m not sure it’s the best setting for family with kids, but it’s perfect for couples like us, I’m ready to move in for good.


The lavish guest room is just one part of the indulgence the hotel has to offer – East End, the mixology-focused bar located at the third floor of the hotel, is another part of the hotel to indulge your senses. East End is not a speakeasy bar, but with the same design theme from the hotel, it definitely has the mysterious sexiness of a speakeasy.

Partnered with world-class cocktail master Hidetsugu Ueno and award-winning bartender Nick Wu for its cocktail development, East End not only serves up some of the most innovative concoctions, it also infuses some local twists into the classics. I tried Logan Manhattan as my first drink – Logan is a common Taiwanese fruit, it has an intense sweetness and a hint of floral aroma. In this cocktail, instead of maraschino or sour cherry, logan syrup is used to sweeten the cocktail and also to tie in the Taiwanese culture. The flavor of the logan is vivid but light, and slightly brings out the smokiness of the bourbon – it is absolutely sensational. For the second drink, we asked the bartender to create something one-of-the-kind for us, I did not keep track of what he poured into the mix, but it was another perfectly balanced bourbon cocktail – it was strong enough to knock me out but it sure was delicious. Without reservation, it took us a while to get our seats at the bar, but once we settled in – the bartenders are professional but approachable, the clientele is young and vibrate; it was definitely a very fun and sexy place to spend the evening.

We love to indulge our senses especially when we are on vacation, that’s why we loved Maison Souquet so much when we were in Paris. For us, Hotel Proverbs sure met our expectation and gave us the indulgence we looked for during our stay. Here is the information of the hotel, if you happen to find yourself in Taipei:

Hotel Proverbs
Address: 56, Sec.1, Da’an Road, Da’an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan