Fashion: 3 Sustainable Brands that Help You Look Good and Do Good


For my whole life, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by eco-conscious communities and peers – The high school I went to is famous for enforcing strict recycling practices and emphasize on reducing daily waste; my family practices the same principles and always reduce and reuse as much as we can. Now at the work environment, my office is also big on sustainability and always makes effort to help save the environment. With all these influences, living sustainably has become a second nature to me, it never feels like an effort.

Recently, with more articles about how we’ve been polluting our nature and reports on global warming floating on social media, it seems that more people are aware of these damaging issues and are willing to make effort to help, but at the same time, they don’t necessarily know what to do besides participating the basic recycling.  Back in the days, the statement of “living a sustainable life” has a bit of a “hippie” or “granola” impression, but that is not the reality anymore. With many brands jumping in on the eco-conscious movement, following the principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle” can now be very chic and fashionable, too. Here are some sustainable brands that create wonderful products that are not just adorable, but also help save the environment with their products, so you can feel good about what you purchase as you look good on a daily basis:

  1. Baggu Bags


Founded in 2007, Baggu is a bag company that started with just one product – a simple and sturdy nylon tote that constructed just like a plastic grocery bag, they are cute and reusable so you don’t’ have to sacrifice your style while you do your grocery runs. The tote bags come in vibrant and colorful prints, or easy going solid colors, so there’s definitely one that matches your style. They also folds up to a tiny square and weighs nothing, so it’s easy to toss it in your purse for any impromptu shopping. Using reusable bags doesn’t seem like a big effort helping the environment, but it does more than you can imagine. I have been using these bags for years now, and I don’t ever have a mountain of plastic bags in my apartment from grocery shopping. Imagine the amount of plastic bags we’re saving?


Since the success of the nylon bags, Baggu has extended their product line with some beautiful canvas totes and weekend bags, they are also nice and sturdy, particle and multifunctional without missing a beat on style. With products like these, you can reuse the products for a long time without missing a beat on style, and reduce purchase… and that’s a good step toward sustainable lifestyle!

  1. Amour Vert


“A woman should never have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Our choices matter – smart fashion is our future.” – stated on the site of Amour Vert, and I cannot agree with it more. Even though the brand name is French (which means Green Love in English), everything from Amour Vert is made in the USA with sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes and a zero-waste philosophy. The brand carries a range of basic styles that are chic yet easy going, and some contemporary designs that are simple yet with an edge. The materials used for each piece feels lush and soft to the touch, it’s hard to believe that they are good to the planet as well. Without hurting or polluting the planet, all the items under the brand are made to fit the trend but also classic and durable that will last for a good while. Try the basic t-shirt from the brand, you’d be surprise how chic and comfortable “sustainable” feels.

  1. Rothy’s Shoes


If you think recycled materials are not fashionable, think again! San Francisco residents Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornthawaite recently launched a shoe company called Rothy’s that sells environmentally friendly women’s footwer that fits as comfortably as a sneaker, but are as stylish as dress shoes. The two entrepreneurs make the shoes from recycled plastic bottles and plastic by reprocessed them into filament fiber, and with the help of a 3D knitting machine, they turn the recycled fiber into fashionable designs. What’s more, when the shoe reaches the end of its life cycle, Rothy’s accepts them free of charge to get recycled again! Zero waste and functional, what’s not to love!

Recycling soda cans and beer bottles is a good step towards a greener lifestyle, but there is a lot more to living a sustainable lifestyle than your daily recycling. Instead of plastic bags, bring your own shopping bag when you shop, same thing with water bottles, it’s the easiest way to help reduce wastes. Instead of fast fashion, if we show support and shop at brands that are more conscious on the manufacturing process and the material they use, we could get a little closer to a cleaner environment that much faster! And guess what, being “sustainably chic” would only make you more fashionable!!