Beauty: Subtle (Or Not-So-Subtle) Ways to Express Your Inner Unicorn in Real Life

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Since I was a little girl, I always love unicorn and all things unicorn related, I love it so much that sometimes I feel silly for believing in such a made-up fantasy creature. Little did I know, now I’m all grown up and have finally stashed away my secret unicorn collection, unicorn has become one of the biggest trending sensation across the country. Even Starbucks jumped on the trend wagon and made a big splash with its Unicorn Frappuccino.

It’s not hard to understand the current fascination of unicorn – as the world is going through so many crises and everything in the news seems gloomy, it’s easier to turn to the fantasy creature that adds all the glitter, shimmer and rainbows into our daily life. After all, unicorn represent the magic of our childhood and that everything is going to be okay!

As much as the unicorn trend is in its high peak right now, some of the trending unicorn looks are not the easiest to pull off on a daily basis in real life, especially if you are over the age of ten. For those who wants to dig into the trend without feeling over the top and/or being inappropriate at the work place, here are some of the products to try to release your inner unicorn:

  1. Farsali Unicorn Essence


This product was made famous by some YouTubers and it was an instant sold-out at Sephora. Although there are debates about if this is a primer or a skincare, I consider this more as a beauty serum. This water-based essence is formulated with antioxidant superfood such as açaí , goji berry and elderberry, it absorbs easily without leaving any greasy residue. It does leave a slight tacky finish, which gives a good grasp of foundation if I’m applying makeup afterwards. It is a unicorn essense after all, there are also micro glitters in this beautiful pink formula – it gives me a subtle glow boost especially when I need to feel a little more alive in the morning.

  1. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick


You can’t channel your inner unicorn without getting a little holographic makeup on. These Holographic Sticks are a step up from your everyday highlighter and are the most efficient products to achieve the effect –the sticks are loaded with twilight-like pearls and meteorite powder that leave an incredible iridescent sheen wherever it is applied.. I use the color Mars exactly where I apply blushes for a workday unicorn glow, and I like to add a layer of the Supernova if I want an extra punch of glow when I go out at night.

  1. Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick in Unicorn Tears


This lipstick collection from Too Faced not only delivers great color payoff, the formula is also creamy, super hydrating and easy to wear. This particular lipstick, Unicorn Tears, comes in the finest iridescent shimmer, it is pretty to be worn alone or layered on top of other colors. When wearing it alone, a little goes a long way since a touch of shimmer can add a big dose of effect if you’re wearing light makeup. When wearing with colors, the sky is the limit as it can add different dimension to different colors! It all depends on what kind of unicorn you want to be as you layer it!

  1. Frank Body Shimmer Scrub


Frank Body is an Australian beauty brand that known for their coffee scrub. Recently they came out with a shimmer scrub that will not only leave your body soft and smooth, it will also make it shimmery like, as you guest it, unicorn! Instead of its usual ground coffee as exfoliant, this particular scrub also contains a fair does of glow dust (gold and silver mica powder) to light up your skin. The good thing is, the shimmer is very pretty yet subtle enough if you feel like being a unicorn during the weekday.

  1. Overtone Hair Coloring Conditioner


Fantasy-colored hair and unicorn trend, I’m not sure which one started first, but they sure come hand in hand. This Hair Coloring Conditioner brand is a godsend if you like to play with hair colors. The conditioners are made with vegan formulas – instead of a dye, it is more of a color depositing conditioner that gradually add color to your hair – it is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a drastic change, or like to experiment different colors constantly. For those who have dark-colored hair like me, unfortunately bleaching is involved to achieve the vibrant fantasy colors. For those with light-colored hairs, things can be much easier. The conditioner comes in different color intensity, so whether you like to keep it pastel or make it vibrant, you can be the boss and wash your way to your ideal unicorn colors.

  1. Nails Inc. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo


Nail art is always a great way to express yourself if you don’t want to do it through makeup, plus, nobody ever turns down shiny pearly nail colors. This Nail Polish Duo has the perfect pair of holographic colors – one is a soft sheen of dreamy rainbow, and one is a sparkly magical rose gold. They both have the perfect shine that’s almost blinding, which makes them a perfect way to express your unicorn-ness on your fingertips.

  1. Penhaligon Artemisia Eau de Parfum


This fragrance is inspired by romantic tales from Greek Mythology and named in honor of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt whose symbol was the Moon. It is not directly relate to unicorn (thought it does have two unicorns on the label,), but it is a beautifully silky fragrance that i dreamy like a unicorn. The fragrance opens with a sweet nectarine and green foliage, followed with lily of the valley and jasmine tea, and dries down to a creamy, sweet blend of vanilla and amber. It is a modern classic, haunting and addictive…. This must be how unicorns smell like!

Whether you believe in unicorn or not, it’s fun to play pretend once in a while and dream of something from the fantasy world. Try a little unicorn touch if you may, but don’t try them all at once unless you’re going to a unicorn party…. you’d be surprise how being playful can be really magical and brings a sprinkle of happiness to your everyday life!