Fashion: Espadrilles — tightrope to the road


I always think I’m pretty easy going when it comes to fashion, but as the weather heats up in summer in New York, things started to get a little tricky— especially when it comes to finding the shoes that are comfortable, seasonally fashionable and go with all summer outfits.  Everything leather (sometimes even in the form of sandals) seems just a bit too heavy in the hot weather.  I guess I’m not the only person feeling this way, I am more than happy to see that most designer such as Chanel, Loewe, Prada are making espadrilles the new hot item this summer!


Hailing from the Catalonian hills, the espadrilles are nothing new to the French and Spanish culture. The word “espadrilles” means shoes made with canvas or cotton fabric and jute ropes. The jute rope is pretty much the defining characteristic of an espadrille, it makes strong and solid soles for shoes but still keep them breathable. They are usually complete with comfortable light canvas and sometimes with extra ropes to tie around the ankles. The shoes were traditionally the preserve of Pyreneans living on the slopes of the mountains but the style shot to fame in the fifties when worn by Grace Kelly in the film To Catch a Thief. Fast forward to 2013 and the espadrille has received a 21st century update from top designers, just in time for summer.

Espadrilles: Rope to the Road

From top to bottom: 1) Marc Jacobs striped cotton and rope espadrilles. 2) Missoni cotton and rope Raschel espadrilles, 3) Christian Louboutin striped canvas and rope Galia, 4) Valentino Pop-pois printed silk and cord espadrilles, 5) Celine leopard print pony skin and rope espadrilles.

Walking down the street while I was in France, it’s not hard to see that espadrille is the summer shoe of choice for stylish Parisians (and now New Yorkers like me!!).  I’m not comparing myself to models and famous bloggers like Agyness Deyn, Alexa Chung or even Pippa Middleton, but hey… I spot them wearing espadrilles too! I would say that makes it officially a trend now!

chung 4

Pippa Middleton also in espadrilles

Pippa Middleton

I like the plain traditional kinds the most. They are so easy to wear and they pretty much goes with everything.  If I want to feel a little bit fancier, lots of designers have espadrilles with fun graphics and patterns this season, they are a bit more of a statement, but still very easy to pair with any outfits.  Oh, and don’t forget wedge espadrilles, I will write about it more in a different post, but they gives a nice boost in heights, but they are usually mad comfortable, too! I usually wear them with jeans, it dresses up my whole outfit but still keep it summery!

That’s it for now, stay cool and enjoy summer!!