Beauty: A Little Bit of Brazil – Authentic Brazilian Beauty Products

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Usually when we think of Brazil, we can’t help but think of the white beaches of Copacabana, the wild annual Carnival festival, the colorful rainforest, and of course the sensual Brazilian beauties. Oh the Brazilian beauties, how can one not fall in love with the Brazilian beauties – they they always have the sexiest thick lock, and the perfectly golden tanned (but not burned) skin, and the most charming smiles. I just wish there’s something I can do to be a little more like them.

I had a change to go to Sao Paulo for a week for work, I know that there is no way I can transform myself into a Brazilian-ish women like all the local beauties in a short week, but I do know that I can collect some of the traditional beauty products and learn some beauty tricks, maybe I’ll manage to channel some Brazilian charm one day. After consulting some of my Brazilian coworkers and beauty gurus, we have gathered some of the signature products that represent the culture and tradition of Brazil’s beauty world:

  1. Leite De Rosas

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Launched in 1929, this deodorant is undoubtedly one of the oldest products – but still – most loved product of many Brazilians. The retro-looking packaging hasn’t changed since the launch, and now the cheery bright pink bottle has become a household staple. With a multi-purpose claim, the product is used as a skin cleanser, anti acne, deodorant, makeup remover etc. It’s basically a beautifully scented all-in-one toner. I love the powdery rose fragrance, it’s delightfully feminine but not too strong, I have been using it as a light fragrance splash all over my body… and I need to figure out how to buy them in bulks in the US. This product is addictive.

  1. The Muriel Deodorant Body Oil with Almond and Collagen

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This is a moisturizing and nourishing body oil – it is know for its rich ingredients and emollients that are instantly absorbed by skin. The formula also contains collagen, which gives firmness, elasticity and luminosity to the skin. I used this oil after shower on damp skin, it has a sweet almomd-y scent, and feels light and moisturizing but not too greasy. It has definitely soften my stubborn dry skin after the vacation. I only got a small bottle, but a little drop goes a long way – no wonder Brazilian women swear by this product.

  1. Granado Nutritious Wax for Nails and Cuticles

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Granado is an extremely traditional brand in Brazil, they are known for their 100% vegetable-based soaps and the fragrances from the early days of perfumery. Brazilians always refer to Granado as the brand they used with their grandparents. This nail and cuticle cream is also one of the star products from the brand — It is produced with vegetable wax from cereals associated with oat milk and a combination of silicones that together promote hydration, softness and regeneration of cuticles, giving nails and extra shine and a beautiful appearance with a non-greasy feel.

  1. Arrlida Com Sal Grosso Treatment Soap

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This particular green soap has a “mystical” concept that it not only cleans your aura but also protects you from negative energies. With the herb extract and sea salt, it acts on the electric charges of the body and promotes balance and relieves tension as you use it. I like the earthy scent mixed in the fragrance and the large chunk of salt for the exfoliating aspect, if it cleans my energy, too, I say why not!

  1. Ekos Castanha Hand Cream by Natura

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Natura is one of the biggest beauty leaders in Brazil, everyone in Brazil knows Natura. They are known for their sustainable approach with all their products and their “well-being for all” philosophy. Ekos is one of their product lines that focuses on local ingredients from the Amazon, and Castanha (aka Brazilian nuts) is one of the most popular one when it comes to its nourishing properties. This hand cream is creamy and rich but doesn’t feel heavy at all; the scent is just as creamy and pleasant, I can’t help but apply more every time I Wash my hands.

  1. “Quem disse, Berenice?” Water Proof Eyeliner

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“Quem disse, Berenice?” is a brand targeted at younger girls, yet attracting women of all ages. “Quem disse, Berenice?” is a Brazilian expression which essentially means, “Says who?” – as the brand philosophy invites you to wear whatever makeup color you wish, with the only ruse of “having fun.” Since eyeliner is my beauty must-have, it is all I need to get a feel of the brand. But with the attitude of “who says I can’t have fun?”, I think I’m already liking it!

  1. Vult Sombra Uno Blush

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This is from the Vult Brand. The compact blush has a velvety texture and micronized pigments that provide a natural effect. I love how this product is simple and straightforward, nothing fancy about it yet gives just the right amount of color for a natural glow.

  1. A Self-Loving Attitude

Besides the products I mentioned above, I also got a little nail polish from a Brazilian pop singer brand, an Argon Oil from the local drugstore and some unnamed brands of soap. But non of these beats the biggest best-kept beauty secret from Brazilian women – the great confident and the self-loving attitude. As I walk down the streets and talk to the local ladies, I realized that they all have a strong sense of self, and they accept the beauty in themselves regardless of what skin tone or hair color they have, or what dress-size they wear. They truly believe in beauty in every shapes and forms, and they love the way they are naturally-  I think that’s one of the best thing I can take away from my Brazilian trip.

That’s the little bit of Brazil I brought back from my from Sao Paulo trip this time, maybe these will help me get a little closer to that Brazilian prettiness. If not, I’m sure another trip to Rio De Jeneiro will help…..